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Dec 13, 2012 02:00 PM

Freezing a cake

Want to make a Apple Bundt Cake.....want to make early so can I freeze this cake.....and how to do this?

Thanks for help.

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  1. Put it in the freezer?

    1. When I freeze cakes I wrap in Saran wrap then a double layer of aluminum foil. Easy peasy. :)

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        Ditto. Be sure to let it cool completely before you wrap it.

      2. I do it all the time. As chefathome suggests, it is best if double wrapped (although I only do the saran and skip the aluminum foil. I had a cake in the freezer for over a month and was dubious about how it would be when I took it out (things happened that made me forget it was there). But people loved it. Go for it.

        1. Don't forget to tuck scrunched up plastic wrap into the center hole of the Bundt cake before wrapping in Saran.

          1. Cakes are so forgiving of freezing, as long as you wrap it well or pop it in one of those big freezer bags, you should be fine.

            Lack of freshness is NOT the fear I would have...so in the spirit of "don't put beans in your ears", you might want to avoid dropping a 18-lb frozen turkey on top of this cake.

            Not confessing anything like that ever happened to me, but just so you know, if your cake is totally crushed, it still serves as a good base for bread pudding...makes a lot of it, though...sigh....