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Dec 13, 2012 01:56 PM

Two and a half days in Boston

I thought I posted this already, but it isn't showing up. Apologies if this is a duplicate.

I am originally from Connecticut and lived in Maine for a while as a kid so I spent a lot of time in Boston. I also worked in Boston early in my career, but I haven't been there for a long time. I need some miles to requalify for Executive Platinum on American Airlines and SO hasn't spent time in Boston, so we're heading up there (from Dallas) for two and a half days at the end of December. We will probably stay near Faneuil Hall.

My favorite memories of New England food are lobster, Indian pudding, fried claims and prime rib at Durgin Park. It's been a LONG time since I was at Durgin Park and I understand that it's actually become touristy. We will probably stop by for "old time sake." Any recommendations for New England or Italian (North End) places to eat?


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  1. Tons of stuff on this Board for the North End. If you use the search function, you'll have a great deal of good reading to catch up on.

    Durgin Park prime rib and Indian pudding have not changed so, if you want to relive the experience, you could do far worse.

    Otherwise, get thee away from Faneuil Hall, as the dining establishments in the immediate area represent that term loosely.

    Go to Neptune Oyster for great seafood; Avoid Union Oyster House.

    If you are adventurous and want to visit the Boston you never tried when you were here before, go to Rincon Limeno in East Boston for ceviche and the best fried seafood platter in Boston in my opinion. It will bust your belt. You will need to grab a cab - don't let the neighborhood scare ya.

    Beer guy? Check out Deep Ellum in Allston, particularly for its Dallas synergy.

    Other Board faves are Island Creek Oyster Bar and Eastern Standard in Kenmore, followed by drinks at the Hawthorne.

    Avoid any and all Boston steak joints - nothing good there for you, my Texan friend.

    Tons of other options - that will get you started.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      I second the unchanged nature of Durgin Park. The last time I was there it was actually quite empty. I would have had a hard time describing it as touristy. I have certainly never taken out-of-town guests nor been asked to.

      1. re: hungrytommy

        My brother and family from Denver insisted on going there. My family in the Midwest still asks me if I eat there, like it's the best we have to offer. I cannot figure this out ..,

        If all you want is Indian Pudding and Prime Rib (you live in Dallas!!?) then I'm sure Durgin Park will suffice.

        Maybe a more seafood oriented visit?

        1. re: C. Hamster

          We'll probably just stop by Durgin Park. I used to go there as a kid about years forty ago. We will definitely be eating lots of seafood and Italian, neither of which is in great supply in Dallas. And, other than a few yankees, no one has even heard of Indian Pudding and when I make it there's a lot, and I tend to eat it all.

          Thanks for the suggestions.

        2. re: hungrytommy

          Tommy, how was the food your last visit? I've had a hankering to go back after a few decades of staying away.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            By all means, do go back to Durgin Park and let us know how (or if) you liked it. A lot of us Chowish folk tend to dismiss it as being touristy, but Durgin Park does represent a link to old-style Boston grub which is good to eat in order to remember. And I like the food there, even though the splendid half duck is now absent from the menu after so many decades. Love the Indian pudding with vanilla ice cream and coffee jello for dessert there too.

            1. re: marais

              Thanks for all the suggestions. We did go to Durgin Park, but only for Indian Pudding, which was fantastic.

              We had lunch one day at The Druid in Cambridge. The fish in the fish and chips was wonderful, but the fries were just okay. The Shepherd's Pie was fantastic. The portions were huge so we ended up just having Indian Pudding for dinner. :-)

              We also went to Neptune, which was incredible. My other half had some oysters (I'm not a raw oyster fan) which he said were some of the best he's had. We then split the fried clams and hot lobster roll. The clams were perfect--tender and with a light, crispy coating. We also really enjoyed the homemade tartar sauce.

              I've only had cold oyster rolls in the past, so we decided to try the hot version. It was very, very good and we highly recommend it.

              We also grabbed some cannolis at Maria's. Delicious and much better than Mike's.

              Thanks again and Happy New Year!

              1. re: kirakat

                Thanks for the report back and you did perfectly. DP Indian pudding, fish and chips and Shepherd's pie from the Druid for the Irish thing and Fried clams and lobster roll from the for ideal Boston seafood and our best cannolis. Kudos on an excellent Boston chowing.