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Cheapest Dim Sum In Los Angeles?

That honor may well go to the newly opened Ho Ho Fu BBQ Dimsum in Chinatown. I had a regular sized order of beef cheung fun and an order of three baked chashu bao (large bakery sized buns, not the small sit down restaurant sized buns) and my total bill was $2.87, tax included. Now granted this was after the grand opening discount (10 percent, I believe). But the stated tariff for the 3 large buns is $1.49 (same price for all of the "small" dishes such as ha gow, siu mai, steamed bao, and even chicken feet), while the cheung fun varieties normally go for $1.69. Oh--and the food itself. Well it's not Sea Harbour, but it's definitely worth the price. Indeed the baked bbq pork buns were as tasty as they come, though perhaps a little bit sweeter (bun and filling) than we're normally used to. Ho Ho Fu is at 420 Ord St.

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  1. I've got to check that out. Thanks.

    1. I had a regular sized order of beef cheung fun and an order of three baked chashu bao (large bakery sized buns, not the small sit down restaurant sized buns) and my total bill was $2.87, tax included.

      That's insane.

      Are the landlords in Chinatown offering free rents into perpetuity these days?

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        Actually I lied. The small items aren't $1.49--they're $1.39 each. 25 varieties including turnip cake, taro cake, egg tart, spare ribs, pork puffs. Portions seemed to be equivalent to the other take out dim sum places.

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          No, at those prices the local food shelter has competition.

        2. Ah yeah...but the city gets you on the street parking at $2 an hour! One of the reasons why I quit going to LA Chinatown nowadays. Still like Yum Cha for cheap prices. Thanks for the heads up though.

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            The lot on College near the Gold Line station is cheap and non-timed. Best for us is just to take the Gold Line.

            We'll have to check this place out. The only dim sum I've had in Chinatown was I think CBS, years ago, and it was pretty good but I wasn't paying. Our normal spot is 888, where we usually get stuffed for well under $10/person.

          2. Can you compare it to Yum Cha, which I didn't care for despite the bargain prices? Also, is it take out only?

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              Well factoring in price I kind of like Yum Cha, so I'm not sure if my comparison would mean anything. I think most people take out, but like a couple other similar places in Chinatown there are a few tables for eating in. Also jook and noodle soup for $2.99 and steam tables.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                I like yum cha - but I have to say, since they changed their har gow - I don't like them QUITE as much. Smaller, tougher noodles and less shrimp.

                Might try this place!

            2. I just paid $300 for 14 people here in NJ....sometimes it pays to live in California.

              1. Don't be duped with Yum Cha's inferior quality dim sum! Some of their dim sum starts out frozen from a box. You know that old saying.......You get what....... ???????????

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                    Prove it....!!!??? You make me feel like I'm back in fifth grade. Ok, I don't have any photos or got-cha youtube videos to please you, but, I've witnessed things at Yum Cha West Covina that I know I wasn't / shouldn't / supposed? to see.

                    Anyways, don't let me stop you from enjoying your dim sum cravings at YCC, they need frugal, dependable customers like yourself to keep them from shuttering. Enjoy!

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                      So what if it is frozen?

                      It's pretty well know that lots of the Yum Cha Cafe stuff is premade in a central location and then transported to the various store locations.

                      What's the big deal with that?

                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        O boy...I hit another nerve.

                        Again, absolutely nothing is wrong with frozen food. I ate quite a bit of it myself and still do matter of fact.

                        I am merely stating the quality is NOT the same as freshly made.

                        There's also rumor going around in SGV that some of the YCC dim sum is actually made in China.

                        Before you go ballistic....NOTHING is wrong with that too!!! also, I myself have to witness that to believe it.

                        1. re: AskHo

                          What nerve?

                          All I'm saying is what's the big deal with frozen? Or even premade? At that price point you're not looking for haute, a la minute dim sum.

                          And yeah I heard that some of their dim sum was imported from China, at least that's what their customer service rep said on their hotline ... after she told me that the Yum Cha Cafe call center had been outsourced to India.

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                            "...call center had been outsourced to India."

                            This is proof that Ipsedixit has the best sense of humor on CH. I'll be chuckling over that one for a while.

                1. Okay - I needed to run an errand in Chinatown today so, I could not resist checking this place out in person! My kind husband found a place to park while I ran in and grabbed some samples of our favs, to compare.

                  It is small, but there were more tables than I expected. Still, primarily a take out place, as others have said.

                  I got:

                  2 orders of har gow.
                  1 order siu mai
                  1 order beef spareribs (the chopped up kind)
                  1 order steamed bbq pork buns (they re-steam so well, we always get an order!)
                  1 order shrimp rice noodles (cheung fun?)
                  1 order chicken and rice in lotus leaf
                  and 1 order of a pork dumpling, the likes of which I'd never seen before, that he said also had peanuts and dried fruit.

                  As the gentleman helping me with my order rang me up and then realized he'd forgotten the shrimp rice noodle (so I had to pay for that separately, I can't be totally sure of my total - but around $11 - and that's with some of my items being the more expensive ones - but I think he charged me the same price per item. Whee! And he was patient and kind.

                  My husband comes and gets me, we run a few more fast errands, then it's home to reheat and taste.

                  Overall - yay.

                  The biggest news are the shrimp dishes. The har gow (three to an order) are like the ones used to be at Yum Cha. NIce amount of shrimp (chopped) and reasonably delicate rice noodles. Two thumbs up.

                  Two thumbs up as well to the shrimp noodle. You got three to an order, mostly two whole shrimp per noodle (thought I think one only had one) - and the noodle was fresh and tender. I could have eaten just those.

                  I only had a bite of my chicken and rice in lotus leaf, so I can't give a full report. It was tasty, a bit underseasoned I think. But still, two of them for $1.39ish and I just add some fresh black pepper and it perks up? Sure!

                  My husband gave two thumbs up to the siu mai, a decent one thumbs up to the spareribs with black bean. He did not try the steamed pork barbeque as he was full.

                  The pork/peanut dumpling was not a fav. Not bad, just not to his taste.

                  And he too liked the shrimp dishes.

                  We now have enough leftovers for at least another full meal, probably two if we add veggies.

                  Is it as good as the Rowland Heights places, or some of the great places in Alhambra? No. But it's close, cheap and pretty tasty. My husband thanked me for finding it and I said "Nope we've got to thank the folks at CHOW.

                  So - Thank you! A wonderful find.