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Dec 13, 2012 01:17 PM

What Boston-area Chinese restaurants are open on Xmas Day?

I always dine at home, but I imagine many would be open.

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  1. I just saw a sign up at Qingdao garden that they will be open on Christmas and New Year's. They are usually closed on Tuesday, so instead they will be closed on 12/26 and 1/2.

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      Thanks for this-- we tried to get take out from Qingdao Garden last night at 8, but it was a 1.5 hr wait, so we went and sat down (seated right away). Had a great meal-- steamed triple delight dumplings, cold sesame noodles, cumin lamb, and pea pod stems.

    2. I think almost all of them are. I know Fuloon will be.

      1. I've never heard of a Chinese restaurant closing on Christmas. It's a big business day for them, what with so many other restaurants closed. Where would all the non-Christians eat without them!!

        1. Agree. Pretty much all are open on Xmas. My personal favorite, New Golden Gate in Chinatown.

          1. The person / organization behind the @BostonChinatown Twitter account suggests that most if not all Chinese restaurants in Chinatown will be open on Christmas Day.


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              Pretty much all the Chinese/Viet restaurants, markets, and liquor stores are opened EVERYDAY, except for Chinese New Year or when MA law forces them to close.

              1. re: joebloe

                Agreed. I was in Chinatown yesterday and stopped in Happy Family Seafood Mkt and they confirmed they're open those days..good to know if you get any last minute guests and need a few more oysters and lobsters. Always interesting items there. Scallops, oysters and razor clams in the shell and a "swollen" carp innard that they sell dried at $99/lb.

              2. re: MC Slim JB

                The best part of this thread was finding out that there was a @BostonChinatown account.