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St. Augustine good lunch spot needed!

I am looking for a good spot for a Friday lunch; preferably walking distance from Castillo de San Marcos/Fountain of Youth. However, I do have a car so if a "must go to" place is recommended driving is not a problem. I am open minded.

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  1. St. Augustine has a lot of crappy food, unfortunately. The only place I consistently like is The Columbia. They have good, hearty Cuban/Spanish food and it's on St. George Street, an easy walk from the Castillo. Enjoy your trip. St. Augustine is lovely!

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      The crazy thing is I have only been to St Augustine one time and I happened to eat at Columbia. I agree they do have good food.

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        That figures :( Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. If you find anything good, can you post it? We're headed down in March.

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          I am going to check out Harry's Seafood Bar for dinner. I will report back after the trip.

    2. We went to the Milltop Tavern which is right across the street. It is super casual but the food was good. Then we walked over to the ice pop place on Hyppolyta. Have a great time. The ghost tour was lots of fun too.

      1. head across the Bridge of Lyons (on foot or by car; either is possible) to O'Steen's (non-descript concrete-block building on the right just past the bridge) --

        No alcohol, no credit cards, no reservations -- just killer-awesome Minorcan clam chowder and fried shrimp.

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          Thank you both for the recs. I was thinking about O'Steen's but wasn't sure, thank you for your opinion. I am definitely going to hit the popsicle place. What a cool idea, I have never seen an exclusive place for popsicles.

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            I don't know if it matters but there might be a wait at O'Steen's.

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              but it's worth it. You can wander next door to the antique store -- they actually have a loudspeaker in the antique store so you can hear your name being called.

        2. I like the 1905 salad with garlicy shrimp at The Columbia. But I suppose it's past lunch time.

          1. The Floridian. Google it. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

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              The names of the food items on the menu at the Floridian are hysterical! (i.e. Not Your Mama's Meatloaf Sandwich & The Chipwich) I just returned from lunch and I am stuffed, but this menu is making my mouth water.

            2. Within walking distance from the fort is The Spanish Bakery tucked away off of St. George St. They have a simple menu and seating is in the courtyard at picnic tables.

              I love their empanadas and have been happily eating lunch there since '81 every chance I get.


              (Then I go to O'Steen's for dinner!)

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                While in St. Augustine, we went to Harry's Seafood and the Floridian.

                Harry's is a New Orleans style restaurant. They have the option of inside seating or outside patio seating. Since it was cold we decided on indoor seating. They were super busy and quoted us a 30 minute wait at 5:30 on Friday night. To our delight the wait was only 15 minutes. However, when you arrive at the door there is a hostess outside taking names and quoting times. When your buzzer goes off you go inside and see the hostess inside. These hostess are very discombobulated and unorganized. She took us upstairs twice to tell us twice there was not a table. We finally were seated downstairs. Young kids working as servers and hostesses. However, our server was very polite. They give you fresh baked bread with homemade garlic butter. I had baked stuff shrimp served in a black cast iron skillet accompanied with Nola style rice. The spicy sauce was delicious and the rice was a perfect pairing with the dish. My Mom had shrimp scampi, served in a big bowl of linguini. The food was outstanding. This was the best meal I had while on vacation and I was in Savannah 3 days prior. They had live music outside when we left, I would try to sit outside next time. If you can handle the very slow service and dysfunctional waiting system, you should definitely eat here.

                The Floridian was an interesting choice. If you don't know where you are going, you would never find the place. We went on a Saturday afternoon and they were slammed. They place is very small, but very unique as is the name. We enjoyed lunch outside. The food is very organic as mentioned on the website. I had the Po Boy Shrimp Sandwich and it was awesome.

                The Spanish Bakery was closed when while we were tooling around downtown (on a break I think).

                Thank you all for the recommendations!