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Dec 13, 2012 12:08 PM

St Martin dining help! Where to go for Christmas Eve Dinner?

Two adventurous 20something foodies from Los Angeles. We will be joined by my brother for Christmas eve and Christmas day, he is more of the steak and potato type, but still open to trying things.

We are staying in Orient Bay and will have a car over Christmas for 5 days and need some dining help! Specifically:

-Budget friendly dinner in Orient Bay (under $80 total for 2 ppl)
-Super romantic top not food splurge anywhere - food of outmost importance, but beautiful setting also great :)
-dinner on Christmas eve and Christmas day - somewhere solid and not insanely expensive would be great.
-bakeries and dessert/ pastry shops not to be missed! I have a really really strong sweet tooth, particularly for flaky pastries of the french persuasion!
-any parties/fun nightlife beach bars? Not looking for any crazy clubbing but more a fun casual beachy party vibe to dance a bit

Also, should we make reservations?? We will be there Dec 19-26, so it's coming up soon - should i be emailing these places or can we wing it?


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    1. re: nataliya.v

      Randomly stumbled here since i was researching events going on for Christmas since I will be there as well on the 20th. This will be my 2nd time there and from what ive been reading is that Christmas Day don't expect much of anything going on. Nothing too adventurous food wise just really good French cuisine. But, the lolos(local BBQ/eateries) were our favorites.

      Grand Case so many options there. Im pretty sure all of them are good but, you cant miss Bistrot Caraibes (pick out your own monster lobster).

      In Marigot i highly recommend Bistro Nu. It is hard to find but so worth it for the food, price, owners, and patrons).

      Besides those 2 places the best dinners we probably had were going to the market getting an assortment of pate, cheese, baguette, bottle(s) of rose on the beach for sunset.

      Everything else just wing it have a great time and try to find your favorite beaches, there are so many. Ours was Mullet Bay. Nightlife i would check out Dutch side(a lot more commercial). If you do any day trips take a flight to Saba island. Warning: that hike up the volcano is brutal. It will be the most memorable flight you will ever take in your life. Just do a youtube search for "Saba landing".

    2. For the splurge, definitely L'Estaminet in Grand Case. The best French restaurant on the island, imo. Very innovative and delicious food. If you go, tell Carole (the hostess and one of the owners), that Georgia recommended her restaurant. Make a reservation; They're on Facebook and you can message her there.

      Bakeries...Serafina's and Le Sucriere, next door to each other in Marigot.

      On Orient Beach, Palm Beach has great Sunday night parties; filled with local French, DJs, dancing, etc.

      During the day, for the best French meal you've ever had with your feet in the sand: Kakao. It's a beach and a restaurant. Look for the dark blue loungers. If you go on a Saturday they will have fresh fish as the special. Order it!