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Dec 13, 2012 12:07 PM

In Buckhead, Christmas Day dinner

Going to be in Buckhead on Christmas Day. Any restaurants in the area that will be open AND good?

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  1. This type of question has been asked before....many times the best options are the higher end hotels.
    The Ritz Carlton
    Four Seasons
    St. Regis

    1. I looked quickly at OpenTable and it's slim pickin's, especially in Buckhead. Garrison's in Vinings is not far and is a decent steakhouse. You could also drive downtown to Legal Sea Foods, near the Aquarium. Those would be my suggestions based on what showed on OpenTable. RCBurli has good ideas on the hotels, but I haven't eaten at any of these to comment.

      1. ritz carlton buckhead has an incredible meal--not cheap but excellent--includes caviar and evey meat possible