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Brunch Spot between Sherman Oaks and Pasadena

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Can anyone recommend a nice place for a group of 8, including tween-age kids, to meet for Sunday Brunch somewhere between Sherman Oaks/Studio City and Pasadena? Sure there are places at either end - but we wanted to try someplace new in the middle. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Larkin's in Eagle Rock is the first place that comes to mind...

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      I think Larkin's just closed.

      We've had a good brunch at Maximilano HP in Highland Park.

    2. Its not much out of Studio City, maybe 1/2 mile, but Ca Del Sole has a nice brunch, http://www.cadelsole.com/menus/

        1. It's not fancy, but the food is good... BeaBeas in Burbank has great brunch/breakfast...

          1. Mo's in Burbank
            Bistro Garden in Studio City
            and for a great view The Castaway.