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Dec 13, 2012 10:29 AM

Food it takes a group to enjoy most?

A group of six of us are looking to celebrate the end of a project, but we're not looking for a regular restaurant meal we could as easily enjoy on our own. What food experiences are better for six than they are for 1-2, and where in Boston/Cambridge would you go for them? E.g., tapas, a whole suckling pig, fondue...? The budget's not unlimited, but might as well not overly constrain the question at the start.

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  1. First thing to consider is Ethiopian for sure -- the board is evenly split between Asmara (Central Square) and Addis Red Sea (one location between Harvard and Porter, the other in the South End -- people here lean toward the SE location).

    You sit around a communal table and the food is delivered on top of a huge piece of injera bread, designed so that you can rip off pieces of the bread and share your "dishes" with one another (each dish is served distinctly, but atop the same injera).

    1. How about Little Q for a hot pot in Arlington?

      I just read that Abigail's has roasted pig; I know that the East Coast Grill does that on occasion though i have not tried it.

      You might want the Pekin Duck at China King which is really for 4 people.

      If you want Tapas; there is Toro though Tapas works for 2.

      Fondue; fon don't IMHO.

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        Second for China King four per duck will leave you happy, but you can always round down and fill in with off the menu items, scallion pancakes just like your mom made them or better. Two ducks for six people may make you explode, get the noodles with the second course to make sure.

      2. Looks like a perfect application for Dim Sum or a special order spread in China Town.

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        1. there is a relatively new place in Kendall called Belly wine bar that boasts a "arm and a leg" dinner that you book by the table. depending upon what's served, could be a funa dn adventurous time.