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Dec 13, 2012 10:27 AM

Baci di Dama cookies

Has anyone else made these?

I saw this post by David Lebovitz and thought I have to try these cookies. They look perfect. I'm having trouble, though. I've mixed the ingredients and its really really dry, just won't hold together as a dough at all. I even added added a tablespoon of water to the mix. For now, I've wrapped it in plastic and put in the refrigerator to cool for a couple of hours. I'll see what it looks like after that. Anybody have experience with this recipe, any pointers?

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  1. I make a baci recipe pretty frequently this time of year. It's a Chez Panisse recipe which makes me suspect it may be the same recipe. Can you post Lebovitz's recipe so I can compare?
    I know grinding the nuts fine enough helps to bind the dough, and you need to really let them cool before messing with them too much as they crumble easily.

    My recipe calls for hazelnuts, almonds and butter, have never added water...I usually sandwich them with melted chocolate or ganache, depending on what's on hand.

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      There is the link. I just used about the half the dough to make cookies, they're cooling as I write. The dough held together just enough to make individual balls, but if I tried to roll it into a log (planning to cut into smaller pieces), it just crumbled. I think I've ground the nuts about as small as possible without turning them into paste. My problem with rolling each piece individually is that they come out different sizes. I'm hoping to roll the dough out into a symmetrical log that I can then cut into more perfectly sized pieces.

      I'm still waiting to taste test one of the cookies that I've made. They do smell divine.
      Thanks for any advice.

      1. re: acecil

        So, it's not the same recipe, similar, but the CP one does not call for rice flour.
        I would try adding the melted butter the header suggests, as that definitely will bring a dough together. Just add a little at a time though, so you don't end up with oily cookies.
        I always scoop these cookies using a small truffle scoop. I bake them with the flattened end down, no rolling required and they sandwich together easily this way.
        I would think the extra butter would help your attempt at a log, or a scale would give you equal size balls, but I know that's a little persnickety!

        1. re: rabaja

          So I ran out of time last week to make any more, but I plan to try again. I think the idea of more butter is probably right. Using a round spoon to scoop might help too, and sounds perfect sandwiching together. The ones I did get made were delicious - it was just too tedious to make those tiney balls one at a time only using my fingertips to keep them from from falling apart!
          Thanks for the suggestions.