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Dec 13, 2012 10:22 AM

Craving for Canadian-Chinese food.

I've got a weird craving for Canadian-Chinese food;
you know, egg rolls, fried rice, Sweet and sour chicken balls , spare-ribs, ...

Can I find something edible in or around the Plateau area ?

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  1. Maybe try Szechuan et Nouilles on Bernard corner Parc? They deliver.

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    1. re: captain_vegetable

      We always found this place pretty good for that sort of thing, but when we called recently, the phone just rang & rang. Hope it's just a vacation!

    2. Restaurant Centre des mets chinois
      961 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est,

      Restaurant Mailan
      1708, rue Laurier Est,

      Restaurant Palais Montcalm
      1314, Ontario est,

      Restaurant Salonica
      5261, rue St-Denis

      Restaurant Yoy / Merveille du Vietnam
      4526, St-Denis

      All of the above deliver if you want to be discrete about your craving...

      And if I remember correctly both Rapido and Fameux on the corner of Saint Denis and Mount Royal have Chinese sections on their menus.

      1. spicy noodles is the best bet for chinese delivery in the plateau

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        1. There's bon ble riz near metro Saint-Laurent.