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Dec 13, 2012 09:44 AM

Waffle Iron recommendations

I'm looking for a good waffle iron that doesn't take up much space. My husband originally said he wanted one that flips, but those are enormous and we don't have the room. Ideally I'd find one that wasn't coated in Teflon, but I want an electric one and I haven't seen any that doesn't have it. I've read that round waffles come out better than square and that classic is better than Belgian (not sure why on either). Any recommendations?

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  1. Classic vs Belgian -
    I know one has deeper pocket/holes and (hence) thicker than the other one. I'm not sure which one applies to which name.

    I have a Palmer pizzelle iron and love it. They also make a waffle iron that makes waffle up to 1/2 inch thick.

    Otherwise, going vintage maybe your best bet.

    1. <classic is better than Belgian (not sure why on either).>

      That is mostly because it is becoming more and more difficult to find Classic waffle iron comparing to Belgian waffle iron. Whenever something becomes rare, you will have a few believers start to be very vocal about it. For example,

      In all honest, they are just different, and some people like the classic waffles, and others like the Belgian waffles.

      I don't have any real recommendation for the non-Teflon waffle iron. Good luck.

      1. You may want to check this out. These are nonstick but I have no first hand knowledge on them.

        Another option is a company called Toaster Central which refurbishes waffle irons from a more elegant era.

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          <These are nonstick but I have no first hand knowledge on them.>

          Good suggestion. I may add that it seems that this model comes in two versions: bare aluminum ($69.95) and nonstick coated aluminum ($74.95). Quote:

          "Also comes in Non-stick for $74.95. - Model #1300T"

        2. Waffle pig here.

          Round makers aren't better than square.They are much easier to measure,fill batter evenly,no corners to fill.

          Classic,historical Belgian Waffles recipes use yeast for the leavening. recipe,history links

          American waffle recipes use baking powder and separated eggs and now Belgian waffle recipes have evolved to be similar.A GOOGLE recipe search
          will give you dozens of options.

          Belgian,yeast waffles are not my favorite,too cake like,don't make them.I prefer the crisper,classic.I have four classic waffle irons.All old enough to have been purchased as "waffle irons",American not "waffle makers" Belgian or French.

          1. Not small but excellent,and will outlast you.

            I have a 1950 Sunbeam CG-1 waffle iron that was my Mom's , closest to commercial quality you can get. I have since found a few more at garage sales, and thrift stores for back-ups, and when I have friends over, and need to make a bunch at once. Prices are all over the place, shop around for a deal.