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Dec 13, 2012 09:43 AM

Sourdough Starter

I was making sourdough starter using yogurt for the first time. I heated up the milk and added to the yogurt. It instantly curdled. Is it supposed to curdle? Should I leave it for a day and follow the process or is something wrong?

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  1. I have never used milk or yogurt for sourdough starter (mine started with starter purchased from King Arthur Flour)... I would recommend getting some starter then just use flour and water. But I do make yogurt. If the milk is too hot, it will curdle yogurt. I let the milk cool to 110F, then add a ladle of milk into the yogurt in a slow stream while whisking, then add the yogurt back to the bulk of the warm milk.

    1. I've never used a yogurt starter either but I ran across this website not long ago.

      There are two recipes using yogurt. One calls for heating the milk and the other does not. Neither mention curdling.

      1. I can not imagine why you would need to heat the yogurt. It's purpose is to add the right kind of Bacterium for the fermentation.
        as "firecooked" pointed out you should temper the hot milk into the yogurt not the other way around.

        1. This is a great and very active starter: The wonderful people will dry it and send it to you.

          1. I have tried making sourdough starter from many different recipes I have found on internet and i finally found one that works for me . It uses boiled potato and the liquid with sugar and flour , made my first 2 loaves this week and it was very good.