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Dec 13, 2012 08:49 AM

Thoughts on Cafe Adelaide Christmas Menu

Hi all,

I will be having dinner at Cafe Adelaide on Christmas Day and am wondering what to order. Here is the Christmas menu. Any help is appreciated!

Christmas Day at Café Adelaide

Soups & Salads

Shrimp & Okra Gumbo 8.

Commander’s Turtle Soup
a New Orleans classic spiked with sherry 8.

Satsuma Salad
Louisiana Satsumas, toasted almonds,
grilled onion, mirlitons, peppery arugula & mixed greens,
burnt orange vinaigrette and goat cheese curd 8.5

Baby Spinach Salad
bourbon spiced pecans, goat cheese, sweet onions,
and bacon-molasses vinaigrette 8.5

Chopped Salad
crisp romaine, bacon, tiny tomatoes, pressed eggs,
and Parmesan tossed with toasted brioche croutons
& black pepper-buttermilk dressing 8.5


Oysters Carbonara
gulf oysters, duck egg fettuccine, grilled king mushrooms, crispy pancetta, shaved Pecorino Romano 10.

Blue Crab and Caviar
local and house made caviars, jumbo lump Louisiana blue crabmeat & Plaquemines parish citrus 12.

Escargot & Gnocchi
tender basil-fed escargot with hand rolled
Creole cream cheese gnocchi, roasted mushrooms,
Whiskey, and soft herbs 10.5

Shrimp and Tasso Corn Dogs
hand dipped wild Louisiana white shrimp with 5 pepper jelly, pickled okra, and Crystal hot sauce butter 9.5


Shrimp Courtbouillon
saffron crusted Louisiana white shrimp with
tomato courtbouillon, soft herbs, stone ground grits,
saffron aioli & Parmigiano-Reggiano 24.

Sea Scallops
cast iron seared with Louisiana Blue Crab,
crispy bacon, leek and corn cream and fresh thyme 30.

Cracklin’ Crusted Duck Cassoulet
crispy duck breast with pickled pork &
andouille stewed white beans, French mirepoix,
Satsuma gremolata & Tabasco pepper jelly 27.

Roasted Mushrooms and Gnocchi
hand-rolled Creole cream cheese gnocchi
with foraged mushrooms, toasted garlic, chardonnay,
ripped herbs, pressed truffles, and Pecorino Romano 19.

Filet Adelaide
8 oz. filet of beef with garlic roasted artichokes,
winter mushrooms & melted leek fricassee,
French potato puree, and roasted tomato hollandaise 34.

Braised Lamb Shank
with French mirepoix, lamb marrow jus, roasted garlic,
late harvest tomatoes & Cajun rice grits 28.

Seared Gulf Fish
cracked olives, roasted eggplant, salted lemon,
white anchovies, chickpeas & charred parsley 23.


White Chocolate Biscuit Pudding
root beer syrup and white chocolate
ice cream 8.

Pear & Apple Gallette
bourbon roasted pears and apples,
and cinnamon rum ice cream 8.

Creole Cream Cheese Cheesecake
with praline syrup, blackberries
and raspberries 8.

Meyer Lemon Tart
brown butter shortbread, burnt
marshmallows & citrus compote 8.

Chocolate Doberge
layers of chocolate Génoise, vanilla pudding
with butter crème & chocolate ganache 8.

Children's Menu

Beef Tournedo
chargrilled beef tournedo with
mashed potatoes 14.

Crispy Shrimp & Fries 13.

Crispy Chicken Fingers & Fries 12.

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  1. The menu reads well. I have limited experience with the food. I have dined there a couple times and was not impressed enough to return.

    1. I can't help but wonder if as much care goes into preparing the food as seems to be lavished on describing it.

      1. I wouldn’t miss the turtle soup. It’s my favorite in the city.

        1. I agree with shanefink..the Commander's turtle soup is the best available outside the private clubs.

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          1. re: hazelhurst

            Not much choice on xmas day and this is ours, so this is a great topic.

            And great 411. Thanks to all. Anymore 86 or +1 on the apps/entrees?

            1. re: Steve Drucker

              Never eaten at Adelaide but, as others have said, if they prepare the turtle soup as well as their sibling that's a definite. And I had a wild bird cassoulet at CP once that was really fantastic. This cassoulet reads differently but could be worth a look if it's as good.

              1. re: kukubura

                xmas dinner report. excellent Pimm's Cup. dry almost sere 13% alcohol screw top French rose $25 the bottle was a steal. as advised turtle soup was no fugazy. i.e. a dark roux and deep veal stock base delivered as promised. chopped salad ok. lump crab with caviar a few nice bites. ledenheimers bread soft no crust perhaps an acquired taste. shrimp in Court Bouillion was a menu textual liberty. there was no broth, rather the flavor profile of its menu namesake was caramelized atop shell and head on fresh gulf shrimp to good effect plated over the epitome of cheese grits. gulf fish (the local name now that drum is served in tablecloth restaurants rather than hacked up for crab bait) over garbanzo beans deviled with black and green olives was also worth reordering. Two desserts were worth neither the price nor the calories: pecan pie with cinnamon ice cream which was very mild and a pie whose filling didn't adhere to the crust and a characterless chocolate layer cake. all in all a fine hotel xmas outing with this takeaway: get the fish or shrimp, the turtle soup, salads too small to split; eschew the desserts. service was exc in a charming and slightly disorganized way-we were served the turtle soup twice. great sommelier. great back waiter. near us was a Modern Family party of six who on their way out wished us well over our dinner-one of whom turned out to be part of the family ownership. perhaps we'll see more of them tomorrow night at Commander's Palace.

          2. Skip the gumbo and the satsuma salad. I have never been for dinner, only lunch, so I can't comment on the entrees.