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Dec 13, 2012 08:41 AM

Breakfast, coffee and cocktails in Kansas City

I will be making my first visit to KC from my home in NYC. I have scoured the boards and found a treasure trove of good information on KC. I think I have the information I need on BBQ. I am staying in Crown Center.

A few questions:

1. Are there any good breakfast places I can hit during the week?

2. How's the coffee scene in KC? Any good spots in the Crown Center vicinity?

3. Other than Manifesto, which gets heapings of praise on this board, are there any other worthwhile bars in KC that a young, single, cocktail enthusiast should check out?

Many thanks.

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  1. You should hit Town Topic once, just for the experience.

    1. "You Say Tomato" for breakfast - it's just a little bit north of Crown Center, at 28th & Holmes.

      A few weeks ago, I had the house signature cocktail at Affäre, a modern German restaurant just a block from Manifesto. It was outstanding.

      1. 1. Breakfasts: I adore Royal Genesse Bistro. The location is pretty interesting as well. If you act like you know where you are going, you can walk into the building across the street. And it feels like you are suddenly in a Coen Bros film.

        Also, Happy Gillis is quite yummy for breakfasts.

        2.Coffee: Oddly Correct is good at Main and 39th. (stumptown like quality). Lil Freshie is adorable and serves oddly correct beans. Crown center is bizarre. The frozen custard there is not bad at all.

        3. I am fond of the mixed drinks at Port Fonda.

        I agree with the recs for affaire that were previously posted. That food is superlative for KC.

        1. Hey Desidero, will you have a car?
          A Bluestem happy hour would be time well spent too.

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            Yes, I will have a car. How far is Bluestem from Crown Center? Can you give me some more info on why it's worth the drive?

            Many thanks.

          2. Sure. Chef Colby is a Beard nominee, the food is wonderful and so are the drinks.
            Sunday brunch and happy hour/the lounge are especially good fun.
            Westport is a few miles south of CC, just a short jaunt up Main Street.

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              I welcome any other thoughts from anyone trolling this board on the questions I posed above.