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looking for a new wok

I have 2 related questions. I've heard that if you go to an asian store you can find woks that work well at a inexpensive price.i'm looking for an electric wok or a flat bottomed 1 for electric range.Any suggestions if i can find one in the twin cities.
also would appreciate quality comparisons of the 2 kinds of woks listed above

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  1. I got one at IKEA several years ago. They may still have them.

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      The one we got from Ikea disintegrated after a year or two. Cheap as hell, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    2. You might want to check out one of the specialty (also spendy) cooking stores such as Kitchen Window or Cooks of Crocus Hill. They have such a wide selection that I would think they would be able to find something for your needs.

        1. We can't cook like they do at Chinese restaurants. Our consumer-style stove tops just don't have the BTU's that professional ones do. While a round bottomed, double handled, steel wok that has been properly seasoned might make sense for use in a Chinese restaurant with powerful burners (and an adequate ventilation system,) it just doesn't make sense for in-home use. In fact, we have to alter recipes and cook ingredients in stages to approximate methods used in professional kitchens. Consequently, when cooking at home a different type of wok might make more sense. I like a flat bottomed, single handled, non-stick wok. I think the last one I got was a Calphalon wok from Herberger's.

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            This is a complete fallacy. I have a genuine hand hammered Wok and have been cooking with it like a pro for over 12 years on my consumer style stove.

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              Me too, though not so much since we got a ceramic electric stove. On both old style electric and gas, we had no problem.

          2. I prefer to stir fry in a cast iron chicken fryer skillet. It's also my most used kitchen utensil.

            1. Do not buy an electric wok. Do not buy a teflon coated wok. Go to one of many Asian Grocery stores in the area (or go online to Wok Shop in SF) and buy/order a carbon steel wok. Season it properly. A flat bottom wok for the electric range. For a 14" carbon steel wok, less than $25.
              To achieve 'wok hay' I replaced my cooktop range with a Jenn-Air gas range - with 30000 btu burners ... big - big - difference.
              Another recommendation ... pick-up the book - Breath Of A Wok by Grace Young.

              Have fun.

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                I got myself one of those Turkey cooker burners. Yes that is hot enough to WOK. Also you need to do it outdoors and you don't smoke up the house.