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Dec 13, 2012 08:17 AM

Best Tres Leches in Austin?

Any suggestions on the best in town?

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  1. Chuy's panaderia makes a good one. There is a very long thread from 2006-2009 that has many many places mentioned.

    1. The best I've had is the one at Curra's.

      1. I've always enjoyed Tres Leches at Fonda San Miguel.

        1. It's non-traditional and super sweet, but I love the Whole Foods version of tres leches, with its strange meringue-ish topping and generous soaking of thick leches.

          My cat will break all the rules (no cats on the counter, on the table, on my lap while i'm eating!) to get him a taste of Whole Foods Tres Leches..

          1. had the tres leches from la mexicana on south first today. I thought it was pretty damn good