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Dec 13, 2012 08:11 AM

Sunday Brunch in Toronto

Planning to go out for a brunch this Sunday and can't decide where to go. I love beast brunch so have been thinking about going there but would love to hear some other good options. Has anyone been to County General for Brunch?

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  1. Get there early. It's not a very large room.

    1. I have now been 3 times for brunch. 2 weeks ago I was "forced" to go against my preference of a million other places I would rather eat brunch. The music was SO loud we had to yell at each other. The person next to us told his friends he was scoping out a way to cut the speaker wires. It was unbelievable. The chicken sandwich is still a tiny sandwich for the $ and it relies on the attraction of being fried and complete with avocada because there really is no other redeeming quality, save the cute little milk bun. I agreed to go because secretly I expected it to be lined up around the corner but just my luck we were seated right away...

      To be fair, the music was a new problem so I don't know if it was just more bad luck or not?

      1. Please go to white brick kitchen on bloor! The food really is great...

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          +1 Their beef bacon is delicious and the burger is a hidden gem! English muffins are doughy. Has anybody tried the fried chicken?

            1. re: szw

              Great to hear. Reminds me that I need to get back to Hadley's for their awesome fried chicken and french toast! mmmmmm

              1. re: justsayn

                Check their Twitter. A little unreliable but they always post when they have the fried chicken French toast.

                1. re: LexiFirefly

                  Thanks for the heads up! Now following.

          1. re: szw

            Another +1 for this

            Still never understand why there isn't a line around the block for this place!

            Fried chicken is amazing, crispy but not too greasy. Also enjoyed their breakfast and BLT.

              1. re: justsayn

                Dying to try WBK! Only heard great things about it! To the OP: Try it so you can report back to us.

          2. I've had a good number of great brunches at Marben, but those were back in the days when Carl Heinrich was still the chef. I haven't been back in a while, but from what I remember, it's always been spot on.

            1. L'Ouvrier
              The Saint
              Red Fish
              White Brick Kitchen

              Interesting both White Brick Kitchen and Red Fish are serving banana bread French toast for brunch.

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              1. re: prima

                The Saint is on my list as well. Edward Levesque's Kitchen sounds pretty good too.


                1. re: kwass

                  The Saint brunch has great service and very good food. Their choice of music irks me so we don't go back. It is a blend made by a random selector of music of every known genre from 1930 - 2018.

                  1. re: justsayn

                    ha ha. Good to know.

                    I liked the music at Habits Gastropub- all 70s & 80s classic rock/top 40 while I was there a few weeks ago. I was there after brunch ended, but I did enjoy the poutine that's also available on the regular menu. The mac & cheese was a little heavy on the truffle oil. Portions were generous. Thought Habits was a good down-to-earth pub brunch option for College Street just west of Little Italy.

                  1. re: prima

                    I had the banana bread ft at WBK also. It was very good. It was literally banana bread made as french toast. It was great - that being said I would have much preferred a banana bread inspired french toast so that it wouldn't be so dessert-like. It was 3 thick pieces of banana bread with chocolate chips and then caramel and cream etc. Also had the pancakes - gingerbread or something and found them to be way over seasoned for my pref.

                    1. re: justsayn

                      The banana bread French Toast at Red Fish comes with a peanut butter mousse. Maybe that would be a little less dessert-like?

                      I like Cinnamon Bun French Toast. Has anyone seen that it TO lately?

                      1. re: prima

                        Cinnamon Bun French Toast...OMG I'm getting hungry just thinking about that.

                      2. re: justsayn

                        I think dessert-like french toast sounds divine...yummmm!!!

                        1. re: kwass

                          Then you may not want to leave the place ; )

                          1. re: justsayn

                            I probably wouldn't. I could have the french toast for brunch, and the fried chicken for dinner.