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Dec 13, 2012 08:02 AM

Brasserie Beck: Kid-friendly or No?

My husband and I were hoping to meet up with a couple visiting DC at Brasserie Beck for dinner this weekend -- but they have a son (around 2 yo, I think) and I'm second-guessing if that's a good idea, since I've never been there and don't know if they are a good place to go with a toddler.
Would I be better off somewhere else? I've seen Masa 14 or Rice mentioned on previous boards as good, kid-friendly options...

Thanks for the advice!

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  1. I would say it would be OK if you go for a very early dinner - later in the evening, I'd say no.

    1. We had a large family gathering for brunch at Masa 14 (ten people, two under age 10) and it went great. It is loud, noisy and bustling. I think a two year old would fit in with no problem.

      1. It's a pretty loud, boisterous restaurant, so in that case it would be fine with a 2 year-old. They do not have a kids menu though and depending on the child it might be hard for him to find something to eat. But otherwise I think it would be fine.

        I've never seen a child there myself (but I usually dine there at 8-9pm). I've also never seen a kid at Masa 14 though for that matter.

        Other places that might work: Bistro du Coin, Mintwood Place, or Jaleo.

        1. I've only had lunch at BB, but Elyssa is right, that it's a big, loud place. Regarding the food, if the kid will eat frites, you should be ok. I've already forgotten what my kids ate when they were two!

          1. We were there once when my child around 3 and the staff were very nice to us. I would say it's not "kid friendly" in the sense that they have crayons and high chairs, but if you have a well behaved kid and think the menu will work, then I would say it is family friendly.