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Dec 13, 2012 07:47 AM

Top Chef Canada

I live in the USA and want to order Top Chef Canada. I can't find it anywhere, either as a disc or Amazon online, Vudu, etc. I suppose there are some illegal websites that offer it for free, but I don't want that. I don't mind paying for it.

Does anyone have a suggestion how might buy this?

Thanks in advance.

El Bandito

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  1. There is no hard copy that I am aware of.

    However, it is streaming on Food Network Canada's website.

    The problem is that there is probably geo-detection running on it and if you try to view it from the USA it might say you can't watch it.

    However, there are VPN and other services where you can get around the geo-detection (usually it is Canadians wanting to watch USA programming):

    That is Season 1.. I imagine Season 2 is online there too.. If you want me to find it let me know that way you won't accidently come across the winner on their site or elsewhere!

    Try not to look at the "screen previews" as it might give you a hint of who is still around at later stages.

    And, yes, it is available in the "usual " places illegally too..

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    1. re: ylsf

      Thanks so much for your response. And you are correct: I'm getting a response that says video not available in my country.

      I've never heard of VPN, so I did a quick Google search. Is it as complicated as it seems?

      1. re: el bandito

        Never saw this question, but, a follow up.. VPNs are pretty easy.. Just follow some step by step instructions, usually any provider will tell you how do it in on your type of computer. If you use Windows for example it is like setting up a wifi connection. Enter some IP addresses/login/password and then just click on it whenever you want to use it.

        Top Chef Canada Season 3 starts tonight that is why I came across this thread again in a recent search.

    2. I have used Proxy servers to view UK television (you can find one that works for any country you want). Cost 9.99 or so a month and get you around the country blocking. Now I use Torrents. I have watched all the TC Canada episodes. Trick is to find safe sites I use The Empire to Download Canadian Australian and UK shows. I recommend Vuse as a torrent program.

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      1. re: chris2269

        Thank you so much. This is helpful.

      2. It's free on you tube. I just watched season one,