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Dec 13, 2012 07:39 AM

Scotch tasting dinner?

Hi all - long time lurker, new member with a question:

My husband is a relatively new scotch enthusiast and so I was thinking it might be fun to take him to a scotch tasting dinner as a holiday gift. From my internet browsings, I can see that Butcher and Boar has an extensive bourbon list (with flights), and that the St. Paul Grill has a huge scotch list, but I can't find any place doing a dinner.

Any ideas? Anyone done a bourbon flight at Butcher and Boar or is in the scotch club at St. Paul Grill? Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Muddy Pig and Happy Gnome have each hosted scotch dinners in the past. I want to say the same for Brit's Pub. So it might be worth callnig those places.

    You husband should also get on the Zipp's Liqours e-mail list. About two times a year they have scotch tastings of rare scotch for an incredibly low price.

    1. I'm fairly certain WA Frost has a Scotch flight. Muddy Pig, Happy Gnome, and Merlyn's Rest have some of the better Scotch lists.

      St. Paul Grill will give you a free dram of The Macallan 50 ($500 / shot, price per bottle = $10,000) if you check off all the other Scotches on their list.

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        That is quite the endeavor, if you've seen their list and the associated prices. You're looking at thousands of dollars to get that highly coveted dram, but if you are really dedicated to learning scotch, there aren't many better ways!

      2. Cooks of Crocus Hill offers the Scotch and Steak dinner quite regularly. There are two menu versions, and both sell out fast. Check their quarterly catalog of classes for opportunities to sign up. CoCH also sells gift certificates that can be used for classes, which provides some flexibility.

        Only one Scotch Club member at the St. Paul Grill has made it through the requisite 70+ whiskeys to claim The Macallan 55. On the other hand, the club does put on tasting dinners for members only, as well as hold regular tastings in the bar. The club is free to join.