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Dec 13, 2012 06:48 AM

What to eat with chipotle mayo

I've recently discovered chipotle mayo and can't get enough of it! I've been making amazing lunch sandwiches with pepper jack cheese, turkey breast, tomatoes, and onions. Any idea on what else I can use this delightful condiment with would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You haven't mentioned burgers, made with any minced meat, but chipotle mayo is super delicious on lamb burgers w all the fixins... Also used as a marinade for roasted chicken breasts or thighs. Thinned with a little fresh lemon juice it's tasty salad dressing. And if you like CM you'll Love Trader Joe's wasabi mayo.

    1. I've never had it but I bet it would make a great potato salad or chicken salad, etc. Also a great dip for grilled veggies and meats.

      1. Excellent with fries (especially sweet potato fries). Great with poached shrimp, too.

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          I'll take your fries and raise you to deep fried pickles with chipotle mayo...egads!

          Also, when in season, fried asparagus dipped in chipotle mayo is excellent with a tall ice cold beer.

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            You beat me! Oh. My. Word. That sounds amazing.

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            If you like chipotle mayo give sriracha mayo a try for your frites like our local Belguin restaurant.

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              Yes - I've done this and love it. Speaking of sriracha and mayo, add fresh lime juice, thin it a bit with a touch of buttermilk, and you voila - you have a lovely coleslaw dressing. I'm not typically a fan of creamy coleslaw but this is a bit unique and very tasty.

          3. Try it on a grilled fish then squeeze a lime over it, serve with rice or quinoa. Simple and tasty.

            1. What can you not eat with chipotle mayo? It makes great deviled eggs. Try it on a grilled cheese instead of butter. Dip sweet potato fries in it. Make yourself a spicy tuna salad for sushi rolls. It's quite versatile.

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