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Dec 13, 2012 06:19 AM

help with SF resies--waited too long!

My cousin is in town tomorrow and wishes to dine. She is at the wharf, I would like to stay close to financial district and that area. Tried Perbacco, had no luck, decided to ask you guys. Can you think of a nice SF kind of a joint where I might be able to get a table at 6:00 or so last minute? Thanks.

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  1. Check opentable. Barbacco has opening right now as do Prospect & La Mar. Call Perbacco tomorrow to check for cancellations. You can also swing by Cotogna to see if there is any bar seating available.

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    1. re: ceekskat

      Oops, tomorrow. Opentable also shows Wayfare, Alfred's, B44, and Jai Yun have tables.

    2. When you said "tried" do you mean you looked on Open Table or called the restaurant directly? Because lots of times restaurants that show no availability on Open Table will have something if you call directly.

      1. Over the years, when looking for a last minute place in that part of town, I've often ended up at One Market. It's a large space and the dining room rarely looks packed. It always struck me as odd that you can often walk in and get a table at prime time on a Friday night when Boulevard, a block away, would be sold out many weeks in advance. It's certainly not that the food at Boulevard is that much better.

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          Much agree with that. One market is a solid fallback in a lot of situations - including last minute business lunches -

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            One Market is about as under-the-radar as a Michelin-starred restaurant can be. There are never any reports about it on chowhound except during Dine About Town. They do whole beast dinners that sound interesting, but there have been very few reports.

            It's partly the location: even though it's only a couple of blocks away from Boulevard it's in a dead spot, with no other businesses on the block open in the evening. And I always think of it as being rather sterile and catering to a business clientele. But I'd love to hear more about it from people who've eaten there recently.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Ended up at One Market. Had an OK meal. My cousin started with a crab appetizer with pomelo and rau ram, nice amount of crab. My wife had bay scallops, portion was tiny. I had a nice rosti topped with a generous amount of barely smoked ocean trout and a poached egg. For mains, cousin had wood grilled ahi that she seemed to like. Wife had duck breast with a highly spiced (cumin, cayenne) crepinette that I liked. I had a NY steak that came out well cooked but a bit cool, had bearnaise relish which appeared to be the shallot-tarragon reduction w/o the hollandaise, and no red wine butter, which was advertised. Got mashies and roasted cauliflower for sides as plates were pretty bare. Neither dish impressed. I had a nice cheese, wife had duo of creme brulee, cuz had gingerbread with poached quince and a cup of white chocolate cocoa, which may have been the star but since I am sugarfree these days I didn't get to taste. We waited about 20 minutes between ordering dessert and getting it, too long.

              All this, with no wine or liquor, totaled 216 bucks before tip. An outrage as far as I'm concerned. I don't like to look at the bill when I am hosting so I just paid but my wife let me know later that the couple next to us were discussing a mysterious "management" charge on their bill. D'oh! Wish I'd looked.

              Won't be back as food was competent but nothing more--too pricey for that. I know, could have ordered a bit less conservatively, but nothing really grabbed my attention. Hmm...

              1. re: essvee

                It says on the menu that there's a 4% surcharge for "San Francisco employer mandates" (i.e. Healthy SF and local wage laws).


              2. re: Ruth Lafler

                I go fairly regularly for business dinners and I would say it's solid but boring. It's priced for the expense account crowd and the food is in that wheel house too. I've never a had a bad meal there, I've never had one that was especially memorable. I think it gets the one star because it is so predictable and consistent.