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Dec 13, 2012 05:23 AM

Fish La Boissonnerie - any recent experiences?

I'll be in Paris for one night in January, by myself, on a Sunday.
I remember a very good dinner at Fish from a few years back, and I think the restaurant would suit me as a solo diner. However, I've read that it recently changed owners, and would love to hear some recent experiences?

My other option for this night is Astier, but from what I've read about it, I'll be more comfortable solo at Fish. Still, comfort isn't everything, I also want a good dinner :)

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  1. Haven't been to Fish since last week. That should be recent enough. As good as always and much better than Astier. IMO Astier has been going downhill for the past several years and is no longer on my radar at all.

    No ownership change at Fish that I am aware of.

    1. Perhaps what you read is that this spring, Juan opened a new place right across the street called Semilla that is quite good.

      1. oh, I think it was this post that had me confused

        But it's good to know that its still good.
        However I see Semilla is also open on Sundays.. any thoughts if that would be a good choice for my solo dinner?

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          Well Klary (good to hear from you BTW) that post was by our esteemed Pti so I'd regard it with respect. As I said, I have eaten at Semilla and enjoyed it but as I didn't say, I haven't been to Fish since Pti's post so cannot comment personally.

        2. Semilla last April was also good but a bit too trendy for me. I prefer Fish.

          1. well, looks like Fish is closed for renovations while I'm in Paris, so I guess Semilla it is!

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