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Dec 13, 2012 01:29 AM

South Kensington with kids

The family is beyond thrilled to be in London for 9 days! We will be staying in South Kensington and usually get take away for dinner (the girls are exhausted after a day of fun and behaving in a restaurant is typically nonviable-especially for my youngest). I was hoping to get recommendations for good take-away in or around the area. We miss our time in Washington, DC with the extraordinary ethnic restaurants, so that is a must for this trip. Any recommendations for kid friendly restaurants through the city would be appreciated, since lunch is usually out on the town. Many, many thanks.

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  1. there are tons of options in the area! and a lot deliver: no 10 for sichuanese, akkadia for lebanese, khao san for thai .. and for nearby take-away/dine in kid friendly, theres a clutch of three restaurants: bosphorous kebab house for turkish kebabs, beirut express for lebanese next door and then rocca di papa for pizza (its owned by the franco manca people, and you mightconsider the short subway ride to get there in chiswick for some good and reasonably priced neapolitan syle pizza).

    you might also want to search these boards for bombay brasserie, gessler, maroush, mohsen ...

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      Thanks so much Howler!! I appreciate the suggestions and the knowledge of the innumerable options (made my husband very happy!). I will search the forum with your suggested terms.....many, many thanks!
      I tried to send something earlier, but I fear it did not make it through- our power keeps cutting and the internet is a bit off today. take care!

    2. Belgo is a nice chain that kids seem to like. The waiters dress like monks, and the food is Beligian, so lots of moules and frites and excellent roast chicken. The prices are good for London and won't break the bank. They do early dinners... there's one near Covent Garden.