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Dec 12, 2012 10:12 PM

cool food/cooking magazine for ipad

hi chow friends! i'm trying to find a cool digital food magazine for ipad to give as a holiday gift. trying to think outside the cooks illustrated/bon appetite world, but something a little sexier. more artful. anyone have any insight? thanks! - rebecca

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    1. I love Olive.

      Does anyone else find it really annoying that most magazines send you a print copy as well as the digital one?

      1. I have not seen any discussion here about the Gourmet Live online publication. Which is surprising because there a lot of people who miss the print edition.

        I have the free iPhone app. New content, about six articles, is available each month. There is additional content available for purchase. Usually 0.99/article and $12.99 for an unlimited annual subscription.

        So far, I have not purchased anything, but I have enjoyed some of the free articles. It's a nice thing to have on my phone if I am stuck waiting somewhere and need reading material.

        Has anybody else been reading this?

        1. So far my favorite is Imbibe. Love the staff vibe, covers a large part of the drinking/eating/developing food industry. Hip but in a casual way. Great recipes and cocktail how tos and more.

          I uploaded thru iTunes.