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Good Grass Fed beef in Houston?

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Hey y'all, I am a Houstonian going home for the holidays. I need a supply of grass-fed beef for while I am there, but I don't need a *lot*, really just enough for two people for about 3 weeks. Is there anywhere in town besides Whole Foods that carries this stuff (for reasonable prices)? I will be inside the Loop (Third Ward) but willing to venture out a little bit (but not way out to the burbs for the most part- I'll be visiting Cypress for sure, so it is an option.)

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  1. Georgia's Farm to Market, way out west on I-10 (outside the Beltway OMG!!!) and downtown. Also at various weekly farmer's markets (see the link on the site).

    I've never been to the new downtown store.


    But I can't compare prices.

    1. How about Revival Market?

      They do talk about provenance on their website, but as to whether or not their beef fits your definition of "grass-fed," it's hard to say, as literally ALL US beef cattle is "grass-fed." But some are "grain-finished" for about a month or so to fatten them up before they go to market.

      You can call Revival Market to clarify.


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        My definition of grass-fed includes grass-finished. I actually don't mind beef from cows that have occasionally had corn, but that is something you really have to work out with the farmer, so if I buy from a market, I want grass-finished.

      2. http://www.txgrassfedbeef.com/store/p...

        Georgia's, (as noted by brucesw) or farmer's markets, (as noted by brucesw).

        1. Oh yes, Nolan Ryan's beef at Kroger. Just saw it today and remembered.

          1. HEB on 1-10 @ Bunker Hill has grass fed beef, but not sure how it is finished. There is an HEB in Cypress. Here's a link.


            1. Sorry to be so late in responding. I've gotten Georgia's Texas Grassfed Beef at Irma's in Nassau Bay. Their web site says you can get it at Georgia's Farm to Market Store but the one in Katy. I'd call the one downtown to see if they have it.


              1. Harvest Farm to Market on 11681 westheimer, there is grass fed and grass fed kobe beef and cheaper than whole foods

                1. It's a $150 minimum but you can pick up if you go to the location and buy less. www.r2khomedelivery.com -- from the owners of Black Hill Ranch.