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Dec 12, 2012 09:08 PM

Good Grass Fed beef in Houston?

Hey y'all, I am a Houstonian going home for the holidays. I need a supply of grass-fed beef for while I am there, but I don't need a *lot*, really just enough for two people for about 3 weeks. Is there anywhere in town besides Whole Foods that carries this stuff (for reasonable prices)? I will be inside the Loop (Third Ward) but willing to venture out a little bit (but not way out to the burbs for the most part- I'll be visiting Cypress for sure, so it is an option.)

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  1. Georgia's Farm to Market, way out west on I-10 (outside the Beltway OMG!!!) and downtown. Also at various weekly farmer's markets (see the link on the site).

    I've never been to the new downtown store.

    But I can't compare prices.

    1. How about Revival Market?

      They do talk about provenance on their website, but as to whether or not their beef fits your definition of "grass-fed," it's hard to say, as literally ALL US beef cattle is "grass-fed." But some are "grain-finished" for about a month or so to fatten them up before they go to market.

      You can call Revival Market to clarify.

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        My definition of grass-fed includes grass-finished. I actually don't mind beef from cows that have occasionally had corn, but that is something you really have to work out with the farmer, so if I buy from a market, I want grass-finished.


        Georgia's, (as noted by brucesw) or farmer's markets, (as noted by brucesw).

        1. Oh yes, Nolan Ryan's beef at Kroger. Just saw it today and remembered.

          1. HEB on 1-10 @ Bunker Hill has grass fed beef, but not sure how it is finished. There is an HEB in Cypress. Here's a link.