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Dec 12, 2012 07:33 PM

Would you eat 11 month old guanciale?

I made my own guanciale last year. It came out great (in fact I've started another batch recently). However I just found a small piece of it in my fridge. It's been, say, 11 months since it finished drying. Do I dare eat it? It's in a ziplock bag, and there is no sign of mold. It doesn't smell bad. The fat is maybe looking a little yellowish around the edges, but otherwise looks pretty much like it looked when I put it in there.

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  1. Take a small bite and find out.

    1. it's cured, right? if you're confident you prepared it properly, it should be fine. peeps saved meat like this long before they had refrigerators.

      1. Smell. Taste. If the fat has gone rancid you will know. As you said that there is no mold, this is the one thing which could have happened.

        1. Toss it, don't risk getting sick.