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Dec 12, 2012 07:28 PM

Help! Running out of ideas for my aging parents (70ish)

they live in Marston's Mills and have family(Bro&Wife) in Osterville - last Christmas sent them a Wimpy's gift card - can't do the same thing this year....did a Garden Center the year before -HELP!!

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  1. If you want another Resto certificate, the excellent 5 Bays Bistro is also in the village, or the very casual Sweet Tomatoes (pizza and sandwiches). For the home, there's Osterville House and Garden which has everything from hardware, housewares, lawn and garden items and gifts. Also in the heart of the village. The Mills isn't far from Mashpee, How about a Mashpee Commons gift card that would be good at any shop or restaurant there?

    1. Themed gift baskets can be nice, too. Fancy's in Osterville probably could put a nice one together, as they sell wine in addition to food and specialty products.

      1. aging? seventyish? OMG!