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Dec 12, 2012 07:00 PM

Taim Falafel - Excellent, but whats a S'rug??

Noticed something that kinda bugs me ;). What are the chances that anyone here knows what I'm talking about?
One of Taim's sauces is something they call S'rug. Now, I heard of the Yemenite S'hug which is exactly what it's supposed to be, albeit a mild version but I never heard of S'rug. A google search shows that the Yemenite sauce of "S'rug" only pertains to Taim. Did they call it such because they didnt think anyone would be able to pronounce it like my friend Sabina who introduces herself as Sabrina (which driveds me nuts, hence this rant) or it was simply misspelled and everyone just followed suit
Now do I need to go to Einat at Balaboosta (her other restaurant) to solve this mystery or you reader can help.

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  1. Its an idiosycratic spelling:

    As that link suggests it may have originated in yemen but is a common israeli condiment.

    i've seen it spelled just "Shug" or "Shu'ug" also. Im fairly certain sabra makes a mass-marketed version ( i know ive seen it at fairway).

    1. Here's even more spellings from Wikpedia and a description:
      Skhug or zhug (Yemeni Arabic: سحوق saḥawaq, Hebrew: סחוג s'khug) is a Middle Eastern hot sauce. Originating in Yemeni cuisine and brought to Israel by Yemenite Jews, the condiment is now a staple of Israeli cuisine.
      Skhug is made from fresh hot peppers seasoned with coriander, garlic and various spices.[1] Skhug adom (red skhug) is made with red peppers and skhug yarok (green skhug) from green peppers. Skhug chum (brown skhug) is skhug yarok with tomatoes. In Israel, skhug is sometimes referred to by the generic term kharif (Hebrew: חריף; lit. "spicy"). It is a popular condiment at Israeli falafel and shawarma stands, and served with hummus.[2]
      When I lived in Israel when we wanted that sauce, most Israelis and Yemenite Israelis alike referred to it as Harif ( meaning hot sauce) in the above it spells it Kharif but the Hebrew letters spell it Charif as in Chanukah.
      After I posted, i found this link just verifying Harif is what Yemenites call hot sauce.

      1. I actually used to live in Israel as well, and am very familiar with the product (got 2 different kinds in my refrigerator) and all the different spellings of S'hug. But c'mon "S'rug" or "Srug" is not one of them and never was. If you read the Taim homepage its spelled S'rug there as well. And I read the yelpers all talk about adding the wonderful yemenite green sauce called S'rug as if such a thing exists ;). It just seems weird to me thats all.
        Together hounds we will get to the bottom of this ;)

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          Now I'm in the mood for a falafel. But I think I'm going to go to Paterson NJ for a delicious $2.50, Syrian or Lebanese falafel. Way better than Taim

        2. schug is a yemmite condiment made from coriander, hot peppers, coriander seeds similar to moroccan harissa bur coriander being the flavoring

          1. After sampling many Schug products over the years this is my favorite...

            Problem is Israeli stores here in NYC have difficulties getting it for some reason.

            btw went back to Taim today for the Sabich and more of the Harrisa Falafel, pretty good as well.