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Dec 12, 2012 06:52 PM

Need help finding a cookie recipe

Way back in the summer of 2004 I took my then 13 year old cousin to New Orleans for a karate tournament. While there we took a day trip out to Vacherie LA to see the Laura Plantation. Somewhere along the river road we stopped at a little mom & pop type shop for snacks and drinks where I made an impulse purchase of some cookies that were at the cash register.
They weren't a commercial product as they were wrapped up in little sandwich baggies and tied off.
They were great cookies and my younger cousin still, to this day, says they were the best cookies shes ever had in her entire life and that if she never has them again she will die having lived an unfulfilled life.
They looked like sugar cookies as far as their color and the icing that was on them, but the flavor was different - I'd almost describe it as a cross between a sugar cookie and maybe a shortbread and/or butter cookie with a soft chewy texture.
Does anyone have any idea what type of cookies these could have possibly been?
I'd really like to surprise my cousin (who is now 21, but still as dramatic as ever) with these cookies for Christmas, if at all possible.

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    Do these sugar cookies from brown eyed baker fit?

    Perhaps if you can find a cookie that is similar, you can begin to tweak the recipe in the right direction.

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      I'm willing to give it a try - heck, even if they're not a comparable recipe they sound fantastic!