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Dec 12, 2012 06:35 PM

Best mid-priced options

Headed to Vegas tomorrow and looking to mix it up a bit. We're staying at Cosmo, with some friends staying at Mirage. So that gives you an idea of where we'll center our eating.

The last few trips I've eaten most of the higher end restaurants in Cosmo and Aria. This time I want to try to mostly stick to a lower budget, but not cheap and crappy.

So I'm looking for the best options where two people could get in an out for say...$100 or less. I've really enjoyed Holstein's, so we'll probably hit that up.

We don't have a car, so we'll have to restrict ourselves to somewhere in walking distance, or I suppose we could cab it if necessary.

Also interested in good lunch spots, again on the slightly-more-budget-conscious side, but definitely not crappy or cheap.

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  1. lunch/dinner/ or latenight at wolfgang pucks at mgm, order tasty stuff like blue cheese chips app and they offer hearty portions of others like meatloaf and prime burger(get extra onion compote if you love onions likeme), best bread rly ever if they give it at lunch

    milos 20.12 is a good lunch. at cosmo but the fish was sad for lunch the other courses were much better tho (it was good fish but mine was served with several bones in it) I must say tho that the olive oil was the best ive ever tasted for dipping bread which they take away asap after they serve apps. the other stuff on the menu was good tho for 20.12 they would charge like 10x more for the same at dinner so i would say its a great value

    btw its a bacon wrapped meatloaf $$

    1. also do secret pizza for sure for experience and good slice late night or lunch