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Best Steak in Manhattan

Fellow Chowhounders, I have one night left in our NYC itinerary to fill and am looking for a steak restaurant recommendation. We are staying Midtown and money isn't a constraint. Concierge has suggested Benjamin's Steakhouse, Vic and Anthony's, Post House Steakhouse, and of Smith &Wollenskys. We already have bookings for Grammercy Tavern, Jean Georges and Del Posto.
Your advice would be much appreciated.

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    1. What cut do you prefer?

      I'd do Minetta Tavern, if you can get a reservation.


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        Keens for traditional steak house in the city (I love the mutton chop - which is actually Lamb i believe).

        Minetta Tavern for the best steak I've had. Hands down. Get the cote de beouf.

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          hi Kathryn,

          I am considering doing the steak at Minetta Tavern again, but is walk in even possible for dinner? I can't get any reservation on Opentable for now....

          Thanks for your help

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            Do you mean at the bar? Or trying for a table? The bar is crowded but if you are patient you can eventually get a seat. I've never tried walking in and asking for a table at dinner--I believe others here have though.

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              Your best best is to call in for a last minute reservation. The bar is beyond cramped this time of year.

          2. Del Frisco's bone-in filet or ribeye for me

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                I'll second Wolfgang's ( Tribeca) or Keens.
                Cross Smith and Wollensky off the list immediately.
                Wolfgang has a real NY steakhouse feel to it.
                Keens has that historical aspect of the place where famous people like Teddy Roosevelt, Baber Ruth, Sitting Bull went to smoke pipes. They have the pipes on display. The steak and mutton chops are very good. I don't believe that they still use real mutton , i think it's all beef now.

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                  Thank you all for your recommendations. We can't get into Minetta Tavern, so I think we'll try Wolfgangs. There are mixed opinions as to which is the best. Should we do Park Ave or Tribeca? These two seem to be preferred.

              2. Keens Keens Keens (can you tell I'm a big fan). Love that place.

                1. +1 to most of the recs above.... Keens, Wolfgangs, add Sparks and maybe Strip House....
                  Interesting that the concierge's recs don't coincide with any that a Chowhounder might recommend...

                    1. Quality Meats, part of the S&W Group. The few times I been there in the past year, service, food & wine have been excellent.

                      57 W 58 St

                      1. if you want the historic/classic feel and want a prime rib or mutton chop, go with Keens. What a Luger's like experience, go to Wolfgangs.

                        Would go with non-steak house options such as Minetta, Balthazar or The Dutch. Seriouseats did a profile on the Cannibal/Resto and those steaks were looking real good.

                        1. Wolfgang's 32nd street location;

                          Your concierge is steering you wrong: those are totally C list spots. You do realize concierges often have 'deals' with places to steer tourists towards there?

                          1. Has anyone tried the new steaks at Resto and The Cannibal?

                            1. If it's a choice between Wolfgangs (park ave) and Benjamin, I'd go with Benjamin just for the noise level. The steak and sides are pretty similar since they both try their best to replicate Lugers but Wolfgang's low ceiling makes it extremely loud when the place is busy. Having to constantly yell to be heard by someone about two feet away gets annoying.

                              1. Unless the Strip House has declined with the opening of the larger new location - It's strange nobody has mentioned it yet.

                                Strip House. Great, great steaks and service, plus the best sides.

                                1. My favorite is the bone in ribeye at Striphouse, I like it more than the cote de beouf at Minetta Tavern which I just had last month, but I haven't had that bone in ribeye for over a yr. Have to change that soon.

                                  1. We went to keens saturday night and got the porterhouse. It was great.

                                    1. Thank you for all your recommendations. Unfortunately, we can't get a booking at Minetta Tavern, so I think we'll try Wolfgangs. I believe there are at least three different locations and mixed opinions as to which is the best - Tribeca or Park Ave. Can you please advise?

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                                        Wolfgang's Park Ave is very noisy - book at TriBeCa or East 54th if you want to be able to carry on a conversation. (Have not been to TImes Square location.)

                                        1. Best steak we've had in years was last week at Delmonicos down in the Financial District. The Delmonico cut was to die for...as were their hash browns and their creamed spinach. We weren't expecting it to be so phenomenal, but it blew us away!!