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Jardin de Puits restaurant gone?

Can someone confirm if the restaurant 'Le Jardin de Puits' has gone out of business, or just simply moved?

It's a small Greek restaurant that's been around since 1984 at 180 Villeneuve St east in Montreal. My family and I have been regulars since they opened, even making it an annual tradition to visit around this time of year for birthdays (the last couple of years unfortunately we could not make it).

I went to call recently and their phone line is disconnected (get a recording the # has been changed, and that new number connects to a de-activated cell phone--not a good sign). It would be sad if they've gone under....

Their website is still up, but hasn't been updated in several years:

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  1. Wow !!! That's too bad !!! My family really enjoyed this BYOB the staff was alway very friendly !!! : (

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      I wouldn't jump the gun just YET, they may very well still be in business. It just gets me wondering (and worried) when a restaurant's phone line is disconnected...

      We'll have to wait and see if someone here knows their status. Or someone in the Plateau Mont-Royal area wants to have a peek in and report back.

    2. They're gone. We don't know what happened, they just shut up shop about two months ago, no warning, nothing! My boyfriend was a regular (he's been going for the last 17 years), he went nearly every week for lunch, then about two years ago they stopped serving lunch, so he wondered if something was up (the guy at the restaurant said that there just weren't enough people coming for lunch there, especially from the large building nearby)

      But we still went regularly for dinner, and we miss their lentil soup and the dressing they were using on their greek salad. We have been to the other BYO Greek restaurants on the Plateau but none come close! I tried to recreate the lentil soup at home just this past weekend, but whilst it wasn't bad, it wasn't as good as theirs!

      If anyone knows where they have gone, or has their recipe for lentil soup, I would love to know!

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        The end of the world may not happen in 2012, but to me, I'll remember 2012 as the end of the culinary world! Seriously, Jardin de Puits was THE restaurant of all restaurants in my family.

        We first discovered them in 1985, enjoyed the food and atmosphere immensely and then made it an annual tradition to visit each year to celerbrate birthdays. We must have gone close to 25 years straight without missing a beat (only the recent death of my father ended our tradition).

        Loved their fillet minon wraped in bacon, their soups (vegetable, chicken/rice and lentil) and unique salad dressing. They also had great desserts, their made in house baklava and black forest cake for example. Admittedly the quality went down in the last decade or so but I still loved this restaurant!

        It almost depresses me to think it's gone forever. Really sad news. I'll certainly never forget Jardin de Puits.

      2. I'm sorry to hear that they have closed. I also went there with family - dependable rather than cutting-edge food, and always welcoming service.

        I'd certainly rather go there than return to Terrasse Lafayette since the latter went all faux-upscale with attitude to match.

        1. EXCELLENT NEWS!!

          I just found out, moments ago after speaking with one of the owners, that Jardin de Puits is re-opening! :)

          Apparently what happened was their lease had been revoked, with only 10 days notice. It forced them to temporarily close but thankfully, they've since found a new location.

          Their new address is 2237 Fleury St (looks to be between Ahuntsic and Montreal north).

          They will be opened for business in early May!

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            That is nice, but a completely different neighbourhood. It might well be a nice addition to that neighbourhood, but I couldn't see people from the Plateau/Mile-End/Outremont going out there.

            Wish them the best of luck in any event.

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              That is fantastic news! I am glad they didn't just go out of business. But I must admit I am disappointed that they are opening up so far away from their old neighbourhood. We loved it as a neighbourhood restaurant that we could walk to easily. I think we will probably go once for old times sake, but otherwise it is not really feasible to drive that far for a casual Greek meal.

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                I have to admit, once I looked at where they are on a map not long after posting that, I felt the same way. They were already out of the way at the old location, this simply puts them out of reach.

                At least I was told it will be the same staff and menu, but I'll certainly miss the atmosphere of the original restaurant. I mean, for close to 25 years THAT building, THAT place was Jardin de Puits to me.

                I'll try and drop in at some point though...

          2. An update: we called their number on Friday night to see if they were open yet, and they said another 2-3 weeks.

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              I just called this this afternoon (June 27th) and they're still not opened as of yet.

              However, the person I spoke with seemed pretty confident they would be opened for business "next Tuesday", right after Canada Day.