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Dec 12, 2012 04:42 PM

Charlotte - Dinner Suggestions - Near Southpark

We will be staying near Southpark Mall (Phillips Place) in Charlotte. I'm looking for dinner suggestions. We'll have a car but would prefer to not drive too far (5-10 minutes). We are open to any cuisine, any price point, just looking for good (great) food. Thanks.

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  1. You might enjoy Zebra, Cafe Monte, George's Brasserie or Cowfish.

    1. Barrington's, Cafe Monte, Rooster's, The Wine Shop in Foxcroft, Sushi Guru and Yama are all good places that are very close.

      1. I agree with George's Brasserie, Barringtons and Roosters.

        Cowfish is great - but it's casual and I don't think qualifies as "great food".

        If you like really good sushi, and are willing to sacrifice atmosphere, I'd recommend Yama Asian Fusion. They have the best fish in town and Birdie was recently honored with the Sake Professional title which has only been given to a handful of people in the world.

        Dean & DeLuca Wine Bar deserves mentioning as well. They have the best ingredients available and have gotten raved reviews since they remodeled and reopened. It's not a full-fledged restaurant, per se, but an interesting place for small plates and good wine.

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          Casual is fine....we're going to be in town for about 4 days and it would be nice to mix it up.

        2. Poppy's is great for bagels.
          Doan's Vietnamese.
          Good Food on Montford.
          Park Ten Lanes bowling alley.
          You might be like what? Bowling alley? But they have a smoker and they have layered Mason jars, with bbq, baked beans and slaw and you can top it with house smoked jalapenos, their bbq sauces are coffee jalapeno, apricot something something and two others, but I can never get past the jalapeno coffee one! Also burgers, flatbread, smoked sausages..

          These are all a drive from Phillips Place, all under 15 minutes. These are inexpensive places with good food, Good Food is more expensive and upscale than the others, but still casual--must try the pork bun!

          If you want to drive around a little, there is a grill cheese food truck Papi Queso, worth seeking out.

          Fav hot dogs JJ's Red Hots.

          You can drink wine retail at Dean & Deluca, great for afternoon drinking and you can drink wine in Whole Foods!

          1. Worth the trek for lunch or brunch, 5Church Uptown, maybe 20 min drive. Lamb burger.