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roast chicken leftover. what to do?

I know we just had turkey day but alot of things I am finding combine the leftover sides. I am looking for something unusual. Not the regular lineup. I have a good panty so lemme have it. What's your pleasure? Thanks

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    1. Chicken and Dumplings...

      1. Japanese somen noodle salad with shredded chicken.

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          Mmm. That's a maybe. Can you share your thoughts?

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            Damn. I just Google that. It looks GOOD.

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              The recipes on the Googles are fine. It's a very forgiving dish, you can vary it. I like to mix in julienned romaine lettuce and toasted sesame seeds at the end. Be aware the somen noodles cook very fast and are not good when mushy.

          2. if you have the carcass leftover soup! just simmer with an onion with water in a pot in 2-3 hrs you'll have the greatest base for a soup. i do this often with rotisserie chicken but turkey soup is fabulous.

              1. I do one of two things usually .. a chicken "fried" rice or a chicken barley soup. Both are super easy and reheat well.


                My fried rice is simply toasted rice cooked in brother to which I add diced celery and onions (raw) and chicken that has been soaked in soy sauce. The residual heat from the rice lightly steams the celery and rice and it's excellent IMO. Easy but not authentic in any way shape or form! :)

                1. Lobster Thermidore with roasted seasonal veggies. (and chicken salad sandwiches for lunch tomorrow)

                  1. Keep thosebones..for soup,huh.

                    1. chicken pot pie, orzo or wild rice with shredded chicken, mix it with some gravy and into the mashed potatoes

                      1. Curried pistachio chicken salad with Medjool dates?

                        1. Curried chicken salad with raisins and cashews. Not terribly new or original, but yummy.

                          1. I save leftover chicken (or turkey) for a rainy day. Make up a package of Stove-Top stuffing with extra sage and some onion and put this in a baking dish. Lay the chunks of leftover chicken on top of the stuffing. Cover it with gravy--if you don't have enough left over, used the kind that comes in jars or cans. Wrap this substantial dinner and put it in the freezer, where one busy night you will find it with joy and relief.

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                              I haven't shopped for anything for tonight so that isn't an option today but it will be in my bag of tricks for next time. It sounds simple and homey. Thanks

                              1. Neither of these ideas are overly fancy or that much "out of the box" but still good.

                                I made a chicken enchilada spaghetti with all my odds and ends of noodles the other night, it was quite good. I used canned sauce since that's what I had but you could make your own to make it more interesting. This is the recipe I used. http://traceysculinaryadventures.blog...

                                I also made this turkey noodle casserole the other night with my leftover Thanksgiving turkey, but it would be good with chicken too. http://www.thekitchn.com/leftovers-re... I added broccoli to mine as well.

                                1. Chicken curry!

                                  (Very easy with Japanese curry blocks, also very easy with flour/curry powder/chicken broth. I make it with onions, apple, & usually eggplant, cauliflower, and/or potato added.)

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                                    I do have some curry paste and vegetables. I have never made it with cooked chicken though. Only raw meat

                                  2. No one eats the breast of roast chicken in my house, so I'm always looking for ideas. A few favorites:

                                    Roast and peel large poblanos. Saute a chopped onion with a little cumin, and for the last minute, chopped garlic. Mix the onion with your chicken, cubes or grated melting cheese, black beans or rice, and whatever else you like. Stuff the poblanos and bake for 20 min or so at 400. Top with sour cream.

                                    Chop chicken. Mix in chopped celery and onion, the juice and zest of one lemon, chopped tarragon, and mayo. Serve on bread or croissant.

                                    1. Tortilla soup. This is my favorite recipe (tastes just like the restaurant's!)

                                      1. My favorite thing to do with leftover roast chicken is to eat it standing over the sink for breakfast.

                                        Brunswick stew is another alternative. I usually make it in greater quantity though.

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                                          Leftoverroast chicken cold over the sink.... I love your style. :-)