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Dec 12, 2012 04:09 PM

roast chicken leftover. what to do?

I know we just had turkey day but alot of things I am finding combine the leftover sides. I am looking for something unusual. Not the regular lineup. I have a good panty so lemme have it. What's your pleasure? Thanks

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    1. Chicken and Dumplings...

      1. Japanese somen noodle salad with shredded chicken.

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        1. re: rcallner

          Mmm. That's a maybe. Can you share your thoughts?

          1. re: rcallner

            Damn. I just Google that. It looks GOOD.

            1. re: suzigirl

              The recipes on the Googles are fine. It's a very forgiving dish, you can vary it. I like to mix in julienned romaine lettuce and toasted sesame seeds at the end. Be aware the somen noodles cook very fast and are not good when mushy.

          2. if you have the carcass leftover soup! just simmer with an onion with water in a pot in 2-3 hrs you'll have the greatest base for a soup. i do this often with rotisserie chicken but turkey soup is fabulous.

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