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Dec 12, 2012 03:41 PM

Patriot Place restaurants

We are planning on meeting a friend there. We have never been. What would you say is the best restaurant there?

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  1. I wouldn't send someone to Patriot Place if they were looking for a great meal. In fact, if I was eating there I would just go to Five Guys. But I guess Tastings and Davio's do in a pinch. If you are just having drinks though and want slightly above average bar food, go to Bar Louie.

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      I know we will not be getting chowhound worthy food but it is just a convenient place to meet a friend. A restaurant with some atmosphere and pretty good food is what we are looking for, not really fine dining.

    2. Davios could win the distinction of being the best along with the highest prices.
      Went to Travolino last week, located up on the Mariott end. Great food and although expensive not as high as davio.