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Dec 12, 2012 03:12 PM

Rehearsal dinner near Melville LI

I need to throw a rehearsal dinner for about 30 pple near Melville. Any thoughts?

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  1. Check out the Rosewood.Inn in Melville on Route 110. Reasonable prices and good food. If that is not upscale enough, Frederick's is very good. Dynamite food, more expensive than Rosewood.


    1. I don't know that Rosewood or Frederick's will please the gastronomes in your party; they're both a bit tired. Jewel and Blackstone are both pricey but impressive and have separate party rooms. There are many other places nearby. What's your budget and have you got any cuisine preferences?

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        Budget less important. I would like to find someplace w really good food. Something a little different. Maybe Asian,, prefer not a steak house. Btw it web 50 pple

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          Blackstone is pricey, is a steak house with a sushi/sashimi and sake menu as well. They accommodate private dining:

      2. Verona Restaurant is nearby in Farmingdale, we had a very good meal there with a large group.

        1. There is a Piccola Bussola on Jericho Turnpike west of Route 110. I have not been to that location, but enjoy the one in Mineola, and it would be good for a crowd. They serve family style. There is also a Matteo's there, but I am not a fan.

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            Second on Bussola on Jericho Tpk, Woodbury. Used it for RD Nov 2011, everyone enjoyed the food and service. It was a weeknight, however.

          2. Cafe La Strada is excellent and close to the LIE!!!