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Dec 12, 2012 02:45 PM

Foong Lin returns!

Taking over the Moongate Restaurant as of today. 4613 Willow Lane, Bethesda, MD 20815. 301-656-3427.

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  1. Anyone been yet? I'm curious to hear how it is.

    Would also appreciate any other ideas for very good Chinese food in Bethesda.


    Edit: Just as a reference point, we like Wong Gee in Wheaton but we're looking for something closer to Bethesda

    1. Yay, great news ... thanks for posting this.

      1. It has been open for just a few days and I had dinner there last night. The restaurant is still under the Moongate name but the menu is Foong Lin's. They plan to change the name to Foong Lin. There are a few menu items that are not available because they don't have the necessary equipment but most things are being made. I had the dumplings and they were even better than the ones at the old location because they are being made the old-fashioned way, completely by hand. The dough is made from scratch and was delicate and thin. Truly outstanding. The chicken noodle soup was very good as was the Peking Salmon.

        In addition to the owners, some but not all of the Foong Lin staff has returned and they are so grateful that their regular customers are returning as well. IMHO many parts of the DC area are graced with excellent Chinese food but not Bethesda or NW DC. Foong Lin was the best in this area and I am glad it's back because the other places I tried in their absence were quite unsatisfactory. I'm so glad they are back!