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Dec 12, 2012 12:46 PM

Chicharrones or other substantial snacks/meal near 125th and Lex, open late?

At midnight on an upcoming Friday night, I will be near 125th and Lex and in need of some delicious, filling, fatty food that will stick to my ribs for as long as possible. Do you know of any specific places that are likely to be open? I could walk to somewhere within maybe a 15-minute radius.

Chicharrones are my top choice but I'm open to other suggestions as well. It needs to be takeout, easily portable, and not drippy. Ideas for carby snacks are also welcomed, I will need some carbs to go with my fried fat. Thank you in advance!!!

ETA: Perhaps not relevant, but I feel like it should be clarified that this post is not about a post-bar binge, but rather needing to have a good filling meal before a long, foodless trip.

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  1. Cuchifritos on 116th and Lexington is open late and has plenty of fried snacks.

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      +1 on Cuchifritos on 116th.
      Also on 116th, stop by Taco Mix (116th and 2nd Ave) for the best (IMHO) mexican tortas in the city--the torta al Pastor is lyrical.

    2. For all the bustle on 125th, not much is open late. Manna's or Popeye's are just west of where you'll be (and are certainly filling and fatty) but I'm not sure how late either will be open.

      1. Chiccarones are fried pork skins. That is a snack not a meal. Just run into any supermarket there (there's a pathmark and a Fine Fare right there. They have several brands. If you want harder fattier type buy the Howards. If you want regular smokier type but softer,puffier, buy the Southern recipe. Too bad Rolets brand is no longer available.

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          Chicharrones in Puerto Rico are typically made with pork belly or chicken pieces and are more like deep fried nuggets than cracklings. They're very substantial.

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            Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions! Yes, I'm looking for the kind of chicharrones that JungMann described, not the kind in a bag. Hot, deep-fried, with a lime squeezed over it - perfection!

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              Thanks JungMann. I'm familiar with those. In Bayamon they have the big pieces like that.

          2. Thanks again to all of you for your replies. I went to Cuchifritos and it was perfect. I ordered a pound of chicharrones for about $8 and got some maduros with it. Both were excellent. Only problem was I forgot to ask for a lime. Guess I'll have to go eat there again!