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Open on Cape Cod on Christmas Day?

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Looking for any suggestions for a restaurant for a meal for 4 people. Anything from traditional xmas food to GOOD chinese would be welcome.

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  1. The only Chinese worth eating on the Cape is at Golden Fountain on W. Main. in Hyannis. Americanized, but fresh and as non-greasy as one could hope for. CAll to see if they're open on XMas.

    FYI: NO ambiance whatsoever in this small strip mall locale.

    For regular choices, most every place I can think of will be closed on the holiday.

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      Golden Fountain seems to have new owners. I haven't sampled much of the menu yet but thought the hot and sour soup was good--a bit chunkier, with lots of pork and tofu, plus a touch spicier, which I like. They're now open 7 days a week, too.

      As you said, Americanized, but agreed that it's about the best locally.

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        This thread gave me the hankering, so I just finished some takeout with the DW. Very good as per usual. I also asked, and they are indeed open Christmas Day.

    2. Does anyone have any non-Chinese recommendations?

      Hotel dining rooms? Hearth & Kettle? Cape Codder Hotel? Daniel Webster? Ocean Edge?

      1. Villa Roma in Harwich is open on Christmas evening, call to reserve, 508-432-6868. It's a festive sort of happy place, not polished or elegant but very good with a great vibe. I think you would enjoy it.