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Dec 12, 2012 11:52 AM

South End Pizza -- Takeout and Delivery

My husband and I loved Upper Crust -- it was around the corner and it was good. Now it is gone and we are truly stuck for rainy-Sunday-afternoon-all-I-want-is-pizza-quick. We tried Mangia and it was horrifying. Where else for delivery or walkable pickup (nearer the Mass Ave end of the South End)?

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  1. I used to like Mangia, but I haven't been back since it reopened recently after a long hiatus: I thought it was actually pretty similar in style to Upper Crust, which I shunned forever after I first heard about its scum-of-the-earth owners' labor practices.

    I generally avoid takeout and delivery pizza, but will occasionally run home a pie or two from Picco, which I think is amazing wood-oven pizza, the best in the neighborhood. Coppa also does excellent wood-oven pies, but it's not really a takeout place.

    Most other options in the neighborhood are pretty grim and interchangeable, often Greek-American pan pizza. Of a bad bunch (Emilio's, Rome, Harry-O's, Laz Cafe, South End Pizza, Newmarket, Pizzatalia, Good Eats), the most passable might be Nicole's, or maybe NY Pizza. But they aren't great. The less said about Papa John's, the better.

    I actually miss the Bertucci's on Stanhope Street. And I really miss the long-gone Rossini's on Washington Street, which is a Greek pizza joint called Alex now.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I know I should have shunned it. I couldn't. I loved that pizza.

      Mangia I think is supposed to be the same style. Unfortunately, their execution is horrible. We called one night at 8 when they were supposed to be open until 11. I called off and on for a half hour and no answer. Voicemail full. We decided to give them another chance. Ordered a small pizza and an appetizer. Husband goes to pick up, they've taken our pizza out of the oven and boxed it up, but forgotten to make the app. So our pizza gets ice cold while they get our app together. The pizza, besides being cold, was also undercooked -- the veggies were still raw and the dough was too doughy and not crisp and blackened and bubbly as it should be. Taste wise, it was bland and not seasoned enough.

      They have a great opportunity to be the go-to pizza place in the South End for takeout and they are totally squandering it. The employees there don't look like the A Team. If anyone from the corporate office would answer my email asking why no one is answering the phone during business hours, I would think the company cares whether this location succeeds or not.

      I think I was bottling up some Mangia rage. Sorry for the vent. And thank you for the excellent recommendations.

      1. re: LiliVonSchtupp

        Yikes, that's not good. I also dropped an email to Mangia's CEO, and he immediately responded to me with his cellphone (he remembered my Phoenix review from a few years back).

        I avoid talking to industry folks on the phone, and I don't want to post his number here, Lili. If you can send me your email to mc dot slim dot jb at gmail dot com, I can send you his number.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Thank you. I do want them to succeed because the neighborhood really needs good pizza. That's why I bothered emailing them in the first place. If I had the right recipe and the funds to open a place, I could make a killing with the demographic there. The streets on garbage day used to be littered with Upper Crust pizza boxes. The demand is there.

        2. re: LiliVonSchtupp

          I had a similar experience last week when I tried ordering pizza from Mangia on Friday night. Took me about 90 minutes to get someone to pick up. With that said, it was some of the best pizza I've gotten delivered in the South End in quite a while despite being a little cold.

          I've also had good experiences ordering from Canestaro on occasion. They're located in Fenway I believe.

          1. re: LiliVonSchtupp

            Had a similar experience with them. Called in a take out order that I was picking up. Arrived 20 minutes later - they had never placed the order. No apology, the clerk just shrugged his shoulders and told me it would be ready in 15 min. I told them not to bother, called in an order to Regina on Thatcher and by the time I arrived, the pie was ready.

        3. When I used to live in the South End, I also had a difficult time finding decent delivery pizza. For a while, I was ordering from Venice pizza which was actually on Cambridge St. in Beacon Hill. That's long gone, though.

          I also liked Pizza Pie er, but I see that's closed now. One other place I liked and ordered from occasionally was Crazy Dough's, which is on Boylston St. near Berklee. But, they do deliver to the South End. Give it a try, you might like it.

          1. Picco's on Tremont near the BCA is the best delivery pizza in town. But it's expensive and the pies are fairly small, so one large pie might not fill up two hungry people.

            The pizza comes well-done (so if you don't like a well-done pie, you must ask for a lightly-cooked pizza). But the crust is far and away the best Neapolitan-style in Boston. IMO, of course.

            And the ice cream is "homemade", and quite good, too.