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Would like ideas for Holiday cookies not using the oven.

Our oven just stopped working and they say 2 weeks to order and deliver a new one. With Christmas approaching in less than 2 weeks I am looking for ideas for cookies that do not require baking in the oven. My son is severly nut/ peanut allergic so using bakery products is not an option. I have a recipe for pizelle and another for Welsh cookies "baked" on a griddle. Do you know of any others? Thanks!

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    1. I have a recipes from my husband's aunt (grandmother) which has rice krispies, chopped dates, chocolate. pretty sure no baking is involved. I can post if you are interested.

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        Here is one that comes to mind, but if you do a search for no bake cookies you will be bombarded with recipes.


        1. When I moved into a place with no oven, I went to an appliance store and bought an oven. Two weeks to order and deliver sounds like a place that doesn't want your business.

          1. I've made these fruit and nut balls several times with good results, but I'm not sure what to substitute for the nuts:

            I have not tried this recipe, but it won Eating Well Magazine's 2008 cookie contest:

            1. Marshmallow treats can be shaped and just about anything you enjoy can be added to them.

              But if you want more upscale looking holiday cookies, MS has a few that look easy enough and you can substitute the nuts/peanuts with dried fruit or chocolate pieces in most cases.


              1. Another thought was to ask a neighbor if you could borrow their oven for a few hours in exchange for some nifty holiday cookies!

                1. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
                  Being so close to Christmas (with everyone so busy), I'm reluctant to ask friends or neighbors to "borrow" their oven, so will definitely try some of these.

                  1. I agree with FrankJBN - I'd order the oven from another retailer that appreciated the business!

                    If he's not allergic to seeds, you can substitute Sunbutter or tahini in any recipe that calls for peanut butter. That would really expand your options. I'll include one or two recipes that actually call for them just in case:

                    And if you want to go the traditional route, here are instructions for "baking" regular cookies on the stove:

                    Of course you can also make stovetop granola & form it into cookies or bars.

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                      Thanks! Will definitely try the stove top "baking" ideas.

                    2. I used to make a rum cookie using a blender. Crushed vanilla wafers, sugar, corn syrup and rum. Roll into balls and roll in powdered sugar and let them age a little in a jar. Nuts or cocoa powder optional. Here's a recipe


                      1. I hope these ideas are close enough to cookies:

                        Oreo truffles
                        Rum balls
                        Martha Washington balls
                        Cornflake wreaths
                        Chocolate dipped pretzels, marshmallows, candy canes

                        1. TheKitchn posted this the other day, maybe you'll find it helpful: http://www.thekitchn.com/cool-cookies...