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Dec 12, 2012 11:47 AM

Would like ideas for Holiday cookies not using the oven.

Our oven just stopped working and they say 2 weeks to order and deliver a new one. With Christmas approaching in less than 2 weeks I am looking for ideas for cookies that do not require baking in the oven. My son is severly nut/ peanut allergic so using bakery products is not an option. I have a recipe for pizelle and another for Welsh cookies "baked" on a griddle. Do you know of any others? Thanks!

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    1. I have a recipes from my husband's aunt (grandmother) which has rice krispies, chopped dates, chocolate. pretty sure no baking is involved. I can post if you are interested.

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        Here is one that comes to mind, but if you do a search for no bake cookies you will be bombarded with recipes.


        1. When I moved into a place with no oven, I went to an appliance store and bought an oven. Two weeks to order and deliver sounds like a place that doesn't want your business.

          1. I've made these fruit and nut balls several times with good results, but I'm not sure what to substitute for the nuts:

            I have not tried this recipe, but it won Eating Well Magazine's 2008 cookie contest: