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Dec 12, 2012 11:40 AM

Can someone help dentify this Cooper pan with roosters in enamel

I received this a lonf time ago from parents. I'm not sure of its name or what it was used for. It has the name Brower on the inside lid. It is cooper with a wood handle, and the roosters are on enamal. Hope someone can help!

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  1. Forgive me if I'm missing something, but it looks like a simple (very elegant) deep saute pan that, at some point, was decorated on the back,probably to make it pretty when hanging up in a kitchen. Is it bigger than it appears in the picture? It needs to be cleaned and probably tin-lined before cooking to prevent the leaching out of toxic substances in the copper.

    1. Sorry I should have put measurements: The inside is only 1 inch deep,
      and inside where it sinks in is 5 inches across. The total width across with the rim is 6"

      1. Looks like a decorative piece not actually meant to cook with, whatever your parents may have used it for. Might be used as a serving dish, I suppose. What's in the third photo?

        1. Inside with the lid opened. the gray is the inside of the lid.

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            So the painted enamel is the outside bottom of the pan? It doesn't look as if it's been put on the fire, and if you care about the artwork, I should think you wouldn't cook with the pan. Better to shine up the copper, give it a coat of clear enamel, and hang it up in the kitchen as a cheery piece of art. What to do with the lid? Ya got me. :-)