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Dec 12, 2012 11:28 AM

Need to send gift certificate for a new mom in arlington!! Any sugggestions?

I special new baby is born in Arlington Texas. I want the family to get a great meal (to be brought in). Any ideas for this area??

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  1. Hmm ... what about Potager? I see they definitely have GCs ...

    Looks like they take check/cash only, so you'd need to mail it. But they operate on the honor system at the restaurant, so she'd probably drop it in the mail if you need it fast.

    1. Arlington isn't a mecca for "great meals" as you've requested and other than pizza, most restaurants don't deliver. So it's probably going to be difficult finding something you'd be pleased with.

      Have you considered mail order - like Harry and David

      or, perhaps Schwan's online grocery/home delivery. I've never used them, but see their truck monthly at a neighbor's. I think the food/meals arrive precooked and frozen, but can't swear to it. If you go to the web-site, you'll see a box to verify your friend's delivery zip code is on their route.

      1. Not sure if by 'to be brought in' you mean the place must offer delivery. If that's the case, you might consider this ...

        Here you can see if they deliver to your giftee's zipcode. This is a local organic delivery including artisanal food. I am imagining that it should be possible to put together an order that would make a nice meal. For example, they have wine, ready to bake meatloaf, beef pot pie, etc.

        The Potager people are very nice, it couldn't hurt to ask if they can accommodate what you're looking for.