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Dec 12, 2012 11:25 AM

One Day in Napa, is this a good itinerary?

We are driving to Napa from San Rafael for one day, and planning to start with the tour and tasting at Pride (10am), lunch at Bottega (12:30), and 9 holes of golf at the Napa Muni Course around 2:30 probably. Can we/should we try to fit in another tasting somewhere along the way? Is Pride a good tour to take if we only take one? Looking to keep the price down on the day, as well.

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  1. A lot will depend on how long you stay at Pride; I've known people to stay there for HOURS and others to want to move on fairly quickly.

    You could - potentially - just stop somewhere on the way to Bottega for a quick nip of something. I would recommend Praeger Port Works (somewhat hidden, on the left just before Dean & Deluca) which is en route to Bottega.

    Then hit the golf course and you should have a great day.

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    1. Also from research on the boards, ones I was considering as an additional stop off might be Honig, Frog's Leap, or St. Supery before lunch or Hess after lunch? Honig looks like the only one I would have to have an appointment for.