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Eating Miami in 5 days

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How to spend 5 days in Miami and only eat in South Beach once.
Day 1 appetizers at Sugarcane
dinner at Blue Collar, the Crispy Skinned Snapper order it.
Day 2 Breakfast at The Cheese Course at Midtown the Caprese baguette sandwich
Lunch at Salumeria 104, fresh ravioli stuffed with prosciutto and Parmesan sauteed with cherry tomatoes and juilliened artichoke hearts
Happy Hour at SushiSamba pop-up
Dinner at Oak Tavern in the Design District, Halibut cheeks (unfortunately over cooked by a little bit) and a burger and some delicious country rabbit pate.
Day 3 Breakfast at The Golden Door Spa, Hummus patty with eggs (Beautiful property and excellent food)
Lunch at Micheal's Genuine house cured pastrami sandwich
appetizers back at Sugarcane
Dinner at The Federal (very noisy but good food, sit outside if you can)
Day 4 Breakfast at Acme Bakery and Coffee excellent choice, they serve Panther Coffee. and the blueberry corn muffins.
Lunch -
Dinner at Florida Cookery in The James Royal Palm Hotel, if your going, definitely put this on your must eat here list. I loved the Hearts of Palm salad, we don't get fresh hearts here in the middle of America. I almost ordered the mutant Snapper but went for the Pecan dusted grouper and some of the most exquisite cheese grits I have ever tasted. A definite do again.
Day 5 this was our dine around day
First meal - The Buenos Aries Bakery for cafe con leche, ham and cheese empanadas and small croissants
Second meal - La Camaronera Restaurant and Fish Market for shrimp tacos
Third Meal - Pupusa Factory #2 for pupusas
Forth Meal - Garcia's for the outdoor deck overlooking the Miami River and eating some fine Stone Crab.
Fifth Meal - Auzcar's for homemade ice cream across from Domino Park
Sixth Meal - Burger and Beer for even more food, I had to stop. I cant believe they were still eating.

The remainder of our time was spent checking out as much of Art Basel as we could stand and we never made it to the convention center in Miami Beach. There was so much at Midtown.

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  1. Thank's for the report. No offense, but Miami is a big city and it is not hard to skip South Beach and still eat well.

      1. Agreed.......And tpigeon and Uncle Frod....are THE authorities......

        C'mon back soon....but don't bother coming for the SoBe Wine & Festival.....arguably the biggest of food-related rip-offs....in South Florida....

        So much to see and eat....

        Ft. Pierce, FL

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          It has changed a lot foodwise in the 13 years I have been gone.

        2. Oops, not Golden Door but Canyon Ranch.

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            Canyon Ranch is a beautiful spot. A few different chefs have gone in and out of there but I've had a couple surprisingly good meals there (i.e. surprising for a place that lists calorie count for each dish on the menu).