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Dec 12, 2012 10:38 AM

shrimp - side stripe - season? etc

i know some commercial people are still up north nr rupert / panhandle (maybe the quota wasn't met earlier) - fishing for side-strip shrimp - i saw some of them (they freeze them on board the ship) - they have roe (eggs) etc - and are about the size of a "pinkie" finger - we simmered some and peeled them - nice and firm, gentle sweet taste - what does one use them for?

and how do they compare to spot prawns? I suppose these have a gentler, sweeter taste compared to the spots - not sure what the spot excitement is about ... then again, i'm an old local yokel so we had to go out and fish etc for food.

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  1. Sept to Mar. Sidestripes are exported to Japan where they become ama ebi. They are sweet and the flesh is gelatinous and sticky when raw. Soft and a bit mushy when cooked. (Unlike spots whose flesh is more firm and meaty).

    Interesting tidbit - the are 'not recommended' by Oceanwise

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      Eep, sidies are my fave, and I like to follow Oceanwise when practicable. I find them less mushy than spotties, and far less sweet which is in my book a good thing. I like crustaceans that taste like they came out of the ocean :-). I know I am in the minority however. I use sidestripes in all the usual ways but am particularly fond of them in a lemon-based pasta or on skewers, barbequed. They do seem to survive the freezing process well, at least the ones I get off the GIsle wharf which are suspended in sea water.

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        IIRC Sidestripes are vegetarian Shrimp and have to be dragged off muddy bottoms as they rarely venture into baited traps.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          I prefer sides to spots (unless spots are live). Sides are not mushy if cooked right. Thaw frozen block in a collander under running cold water. Have a deep pot of boling water, put all thawed spots in at once, stir a couple of times (less than 2 minutes) and as shrimp float to surface, scoop out and put in a large bowl of cold water (loaded with ice). Don't leave in water too long, only to rapidly cool. The into the refrigerator.
          Be imaginative... lots of ways to eat them!

    2. gosh - i never thought of looking at Oceanwise - and i should know better. Very interesting - thank you for pointing out their informative website

      our recent side stripe batch was very tasty tho. I know they came from the pristine ocean near Kitimat - think "crude" thoughts and you'll get the picture of why so many fishers incl the famous for tourists / cottagers / locals Sharkey's Fish Locker in Roberts Creek BC get so adamant about protecting our Beautiful BC ocean fishery. she has the best salmon, halibut etc incl side stripes. in our opinion.