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Raleigh/Durham NC

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For an upcoming business trip--is anyone familiar with kosher offerings in the Raleigh/Durham area? Shamash lists a dining hall at Duke and a restaurant in Wilmington, over 2 hours away. In the absence of a restaurant- any supermarkets in the area that have a reasonable selection of Sabra/ kosher deli?

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  1. I have been to Raleigh/Durham several times for extended business trips. The best option is the Whole Foods in Durham. It has kosher baked goods, smoked fish, hummous, wine and they usually have the Whole Foods kosher cheddar cheese. The Duke Hillel has very limited hours - when I was last there, they were not open weeknights so it was pretty useless for me. A client wanted to take me there - fortunately, I scoped it out myself first. The Ralph's market in Durham also carries Tradition instant soups.

    1. I have eaten in the Duke Hillel with colleagues. It is a school cafeteria. The space, is pleasant, set in that lovely, forested campus with huge windows. And spacious, not crowded, you can have a table and chat. But it is very basic school cafeteria food.

      Beyond that, what Kosher Critic said.

      1. I have also eaten at the Duke Hillel. Be aware that final exams end December 15. The Hillel may shut the food service down before that, and it probably will be shut for about a month during winter break.

        1. I actually live in Raleigh. Will you be in Raleigh or Durham? It does make a difference. We do not have any kosher restaurants here and the one in Wilmington closed a few years ago.
          There is no kosher butcher but certain Krogers have a decent selection of Empire poultry. Our grocery store chains have all the same kosher products that any other chain would have. Your best bets for specifically Jewish/kosher frozen items are the Kroger and Harris Teeter chains. HT and BJ's have a decent selection of Sabra products. Kosher deli? Nope, but you can get packaged Acme fish products at the fish counter at HT.

          Even after exams, if you're hard up for kosher meals in Durham/Chapel Hill, get in touch with the Chabad rabbi (Rabbi Bluming). He's a nice guy and he'll set you up. In Raleigh, call Cong. Sha'arei Israel and ask for Rabbi Cotler or Rabbi Herman. They can also help.

          Raleigh has no modern Orthodox congregations, only Chabad. Durham does have one very small OU-affiliated congregation that I believe is lay-led.

          Unless you're on expense account I don't see too much reason to shop at Whole Paychex. Nearly all their kosher offerings can be had from a regular supermarket at much lower prices.

          Enjoy the trip. This really is a very nice area.

          1. BJ's in Raleigh has a selection of prepackaged deli, the brand is American Kosher it is out of Mounsey and is OU Glatt.

            There are Trader Joe's in the area where they will have some fresh beef and chicken.

            Finally on Brentwood just off of Capital Blvd in Raleigh is Caspian International Food, they will have a selction of Sabra and Israeli Frozen items.

            But as Rocky said the area is large and it depends where you will be staying. Also the community has made arrangements with specific stores, so if let us know where you will be and I can let you know if one is close to you.

            1. Thanks all for the suggestions. My meeting is in Cary. I don't have a BJs membership, so I will probably go to a regular supermarket or TJs. If there are any specific locations with a better selection of kosher items, please let me know.
              Duke Hillel will be closed when I am there- thanks for reminding me about college break!

              1. Don't know too much about Cary other then there being a TJ's there. You can call Rabbi Cotler (there are two of them one Cary other Raleigh) for help http://www.chabadofcary.org/

                In Raleigh the Kroger on Falls of the Neuse and Strickland does have more kosher items then most, incuding cold cuts and millers cheese plus frozen items. Also as mentioned the Caspian market may provide you with some good odds and ends.

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                  Thank you chazzer, this is very helpful.

                2. I don't know if it's too late for you...but I remember there are a number of options in the Chapel Hill area. Harris Teeter carries a large selection of kosher frozen meals, particularly the Harris Teeter on the corner of route 86 and interstate 40. The Whole Foods in chapel hill, and most likely the one in Durham, carries the Kosher Valley chicken which I prefer, and I believe is organic.