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Dec 12, 2012 10:08 AM

Dessert and/or Cake Decorating Classes in Montreal?

I know of the Wilton classes, Academie Culinaire & Guilde Culinaire.

I'm looking for something similar to the Wilton classes where you have a series of classes to attend but I'd prefer if all the material is included. Anyone know of anything like that?

If not, has anyone gone through classes at any of the above or anywhere else in Montreal that they'd recommend? Preferably either cake decorating or cupcake classes.


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  1. I did a couple of Wilton classes many years ago (not in Montreal) and I loved them. I think the quality will probably vary from teacher to teacher, but I learned so much every day.

    They have you buy a box of material that you will need for class (piping tips, bags, flower nails...) but you have to make cakes and take them with you to decorate.

    1. I did Academie Culinaire cake decorating this time last year and I thought it was an enjoyable experience. Materials are provided for you and you get a neat little grab bag to take home! (Piping bag, piping tips, the triangular thing you can use for the side of cakes, a very large offset spatula, etc.)

      And while I appreciated the complimentary glass of wine after class, I still thought it was funny to have it at 11 am (the class started around 9-9:30).